domenica 18 luglio 2010

Io Sono L'Amore

I inteded to write about Io sono l'amore (I Am Love) for a while now but - of course - the post about it layed down in a temporary folder in my pc since now. Anyway, I just heard the movie was recently released in the Us too and I think it's a perfect timing: while the city is hot-hot-hot, there's nothing better than a movie which, beyond all the passions and scandals involved, is indeed cold as ice...

"I Am Love tells the story of the wealthy Recchi family, whose lives are undergoing sweeping changes. Eduardo Sr., the family patriarch, has decided to name a successor to the reigns of his massive industrial company, surprising everyone by splitting power between his son Tancredi, and grandson Edo. But Edo dreams of opening a restaurant with his friend Antonio, a handsome and talented chef. At the heart of the family is Tancredi's wife Emma (Tilda Swinton), a Russian immigrant who has adopted the culture of Milan. An adoring and attentive mother, her existence is shocked to the core when she falls quickly and deeply in love with Edo's friend and partner Antonio, and embarks on a passionate love affair that will change her family forever."

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the movie features a marvellous Tilda Swinton whom ladylike outfits - all custom designed by Raf Simons of Jil Sander - will surely fascinate you...

Don't miss it!

Photos courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

venerdì 16 luglio 2010

All That Jazz...

For those of you in New York, it's time to travel back in the roaring 20s again and enjoy a beautiful day in Governors Island: The biannual Jazz Age Lawn Party is back for its 5th edition!

What is better than spending a summer day picnicking, going to a Charleston lesson and watching the parade of hats and the promenade of bathing beauties and beaus?

Of course one of the dresses below, all from the Met exhibition American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity (thanks Amy for mentioning it!), would be the perfect thing to wear...

Pictures courtesy of Met Museum.

giovedì 15 luglio 2010

Strange And Beautiful

I change, but my addiction to nailpolish is still here. I really can't live without a layer of smooth color on my feet (and amost never on my hands!) expecially in summer.

I am all for solid saturated shades, brights or muted, and I could wear almost every color, just for a night out - some too bright shades really don't work with my pale skin - or for weeks.

When I saw the exclusive line of nail polishes designed by Jane Schaub sometimes ago on the internet I immediately loved it.

It's called StrangeBeautiful and indeed it is. The most exciting thing is the colors come in three different sets - volumes - of eight pieces and each nail polish is inspired by...pretty strange details that make me smile: the red Valentine typewriter, the slate blue color of a uniform in an 1846 N.Currier print, Violette ink from the venerable French ink company J. Herbin, the dreadfully wonderful dirty almond color used on kitchen appliances and so on...

The painful note: each set costs 56£ (available here) Definitely not so great for my actual budget.

What's your favorite volume? I'd probably choose the first one, but I'd be a very happy girl with all the tree of them!

sabato 10 luglio 2010

It's personal

I usually don't write about my private life, at least not often, but during my blogging hiatus I did some things I still consider a bit unusual for me and I'm still going through all of this. My birthday will be in two months, and this year it will mark a turning point. I don't know exactly what is happening but lately I feel so different from the old faithful me. As soon as I started realizing it I thought it was a sort early - hey, I'm just turning 30! - middle age crisis and I was a bit worried about it, but now...well I'm starting to enjoy this new me.

I'm still the girl people can count on, but I wanna have fun and for the first time in my life I don't feel too guilty for this.

Weird to say, but all this started when I decided to buy...a bike!

Just because this is usually considered a sort of fashion blog (and after almost three years I'm still quite skeptical) and I don't feel confortable with posts without photos, bust most of all because I guess you don't want to hear my silly ramblings without a visual reward, here are some inspirational pics of stylish ladies on a bike. All from The Sartorialist, of course.

I don't know what will happen this summer, but I'm so looking forward to discover it...

giovedì 8 luglio 2010

Fools Rush In

Just in case you've forgotten how amazing her voice is...

martedì 6 luglio 2010

Back To Blogging And Mad Men Related Things...

I know, I know, I am a terrible blogger, but fear not, everything is ok here and I hope to be able to post more often from now on.

So, July is usually a great month for various reasons and one of them is certainly that the new season of Mad Men is approaching, at least for those in the US. Are you excited? I can't wait!

In less than 3 weeks we'll all know what will happen to our beloved characters. For now there are not much news apart from the unveiling of the new poster below

and this video about season 4 wardrobe (yay!)

Oh, and if you liked the Mad Men Yourself thing, you should definitely check the new and improved version, with an updated selection of clothing, accessories and backgrounds...

Here's my new avatars. Man, I love all the versions of that dress!!! ;-)

I actually don't smoke, but, hey, this is a Mad Men world!

venerdì 18 giugno 2010

Magnificent Obsession

This marvellous editorial by Peter Lindbergh is from the July issue of Vogue US. Featuring Natalia Vodianova and Ewan McGregor as a 50s/60s (not so) perfect couple - you know, one of those marriage that looks so good from the outside and is actually all about dissadisfaction, resentment and cocktails, something very "Mad Men meets Douglas Sirk"...!

Styled by Grace Coddington the whole editorial is a first look at the fall/winter collections "in action". De la Renta, Prada, Dries Van Noten go '50s!

Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue