giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

Let's Go On A Cruise

Is it time for Fall collections?? Really?? Already??
I'm definitely not in the mood for more winterish looks and this is that time of the year when I start praying for Spring to come soon! So instead of seeing what we should wear next year, I'm digging into that great idea cruise/resort/pre/however-you-call-them designer collections are. Maybe they're just another consumeristic thing in the fast&consumeristic fashion world, but if you just look without buying anything, well it's great and fully inspirational!

Plus, this season it seems I like resort collections more than the real SS2009 ones (though I have some favorites there too...more on them soon)!

I look at all of these fab pieces and I pretend it's Spring...may I have one of each?!

Bottega Veneta

Burberry Prorsum


my beloved Moschino

and my biggest favorite...Marni, of course!

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8 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

oo always adore botega, but marni is so much fun too

Rachel C. ha detto...

marni can do no wrong in my opinion.

it's ironic that you've posted this, as i've been looking at various "cruise collections" for inspiration for a dress i need for a beach wedding in june.

Kelsie.Lynn ha detto...

I agree, i hate that winter is coming back when all i want is spring!

Danz ha detto...

I love the Burberry collection.
Marni is also wonderful - great combination of colours and prints.

Casey ha detto...

My dear, the Marnia collection is absolutely amazing!

Anonimo ha detto...

oh! all of a sudden it's spring outside ;) ok maybe, but just maybe, in august at sale I can afford something like this from the bottega veneta outlet, but I mean 50% of 50 % is still quite expensive!

Stéphanie ha detto...

That's nice !

Cerise ha detto...

Congratulates for your blog