mercoledì 31 ottobre 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
No parties around here so, as The Oyster Boy, I decided to go as a human :-)

And this is last Halloween in New York
Upper Side...

...and Queens

lunedì 29 ottobre 2007

Chocolatey chocolate

I love polymer clay chocolate, they look so you like my new chocolate earrings? After Eight chocolate will come soon too :-)

And finally, 2 new cake rings from the limited edition holiday collection!


Santa Cake

giovedì 25 ottobre 2007

This Is Legend

Today I found this
I Am Legend

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I was in NYC, last year during the shooting. I definitely have to watch the movie!

Washington Square, October 2006, location photo from I Am Legend movie set.

Cold Case

This year I "discovered" Fall.
It's the first time I like this season; I'm usually a Spring/Summer addicted, most of all because I hate cold days...from October to March I'm an iced girl.
I'm still having trouble with cold days, but I have to admit the colors are so beautiful in these days, crispy air it's not so bad and I can wear my super comfy boots and the ultra pink coat again!

Today I made some new miniature cakes, all "holidays related". I'll post soon the pictures, for now I'll say there is something for Halloween and something for Christmas...

domenica 21 ottobre 2007

New York Anniversary

Sweet melancholy...
Exactly twelve months ago, I was leaving for New York. One year seems one month, at the most. Maybe because after that, I stayed every single day (except for a weekend in Roma) in my place, so I have not so much to remember this year!

So, here we are, today, with our anniversary. I can't stop watching all the photos we took, - slide shows and meaningful songs that change according to the current mood - and I can't forget how cold was in the City!

A couple of days ago, I read a post about Post Secret on The Happy Hippie blog. I knew about Frank Warren's idea since long time ago so I'm really glad Aarika wrote something about. I always loved that mix of secrets/art project/unexpected mail that Post Secret is and I regularly check the blog.

Some days ago I found this website, in a certain way it reminds me about Post Secret and I fell in love again, this time with the mix of singular experiences/literary project/places. The purpose of Hitotoki (a japanese word used to describe any brief, singular stretch of time), is to collect online single stories about a specific moment in a specific place, a city, worldwide. For now there are a Hitotoki New York and a Hitotoki Tokyo, but I really hope that more cities will be added one day.

I think the pictures below are my New York story. For now, at least :-)

Great Sky.

I'm Waiting.

Prince Street Colors.

Miss Park Avenue.

Panoramic City.

venerdì 19 ottobre 2007

Let them eat pizza!

Today I made my first pizza charm. A classic pizza with mozzarella, olives salami slices and mushrooms...I love pizza and this one really make me hungry!

It's the first time I make a "not sweet something" (except for the sushi collection) and I had a lot of fun. I'll try soon with more goodies, so stay tuned :-)

By the way, I also made some new yummy treats:

croissant and cookies charms necklace

sliced bread with crunchy peanut butter (yum, my favorite!) and jelly earrings

and more new miniature cake rings

all the new items are already listed up and available in my store.

The Bee Effect

Mary janes and striped legs. Today I choosed the Bee Effect (AKA Sindrome dell' Ape Maia...)


giovedì 18 ottobre 2007

Waffles Galore!

I finally bought the polymer clay! The store is still closed (why???) so I had to purchase it on the internet and then wait 2 days more... By the way, I finally received it and I'm in a big crafty mood now, busy busy and with tons of new ideas :-)
Firts of all I thought that some fats and sugar free waffles should be a nice thing, so I tried and...

...Well, it's waffles galore!

I made some new rings (I still have to attach the ring bases!)

...and earrings

I also made 2 ice cream rings (I have only few of those miniature cups, so I have to find something else - cute - I can use for the ice cream rings!)

So, do you like them...?
More photos (and items!) will come soon.

domenica 14 ottobre 2007

I heart trades!

I'm always up for good art trades, so when last month I sent a message to Askey and to Lilymoon and they answered telling me that yes, we could do it, I was more than thrilled and now that I received their prints I'm simply delighted; "Rose" and "When I Wear My Red Skirt" really made my day.

Askey is a UK based illustrator and graphic designer; her original digital illustrations, all printed in a limited edition, are exquisite pieces of art. I love the pale colors and the beautiful patterns she uses in her works. Plus, they are printed on a luxurious linen effect paper. Stunning!



Lilymoon is from Cyprus, she's an illustrator and her prints are pieces of stories, shots from a dream. She doesn't need words, cause she has her dreamy girls. They were born in the air, maybe they're made of air. Sometimes they float in the sky, sometimes they lay asleep beside a special apple tree...

When I Wear My Red Skirt. ("...I write my favourite things on trees...and eavesdrop on birdy conversations, while I dream about them...")

Great Expectations.

Thank you to these great girls for two wonderful trades :-)

venerdì 12 ottobre 2007

The girl who casted spells

There are so many great artists on favorites list is getting longer and longer. I spend hours searching for all and nothing and really often I find something that I instantly adore. I'm like a child in a toy store!
In this period I have a (big) thing with illustrators, photographers and mixed media artists; I bought some beautiful prints and I also did great trades with some lovely etsian. I am more than proud I have met them and so happy to have their beautiful artworks in my house!

I cannot remember how I have found or when I have visited for the first time the Art&Ghosts store, but what I know for sure is that I immediately fell in love with Louise's work and with her magic world.
Her prints, photomontages and collages are an adventure, a trip in the unconscious, a mix of sweet dreams and nightmares, obsessions and expectations...
The influence of fairy tales and children literature, strange dolls, symbolic animals and nature makes Louise's art special and fascinating. I love all those amazing details.
Don't miss her wonderful blog too!
I'll post 3 of her images here, but they're all so amazing I could post at least 50...

No Vacancies

The Uses of Enchantment. What a marvellous title!

The Bridge of Sleep

Thank you Louise, I am amazed by your talent and definitely taken by your world ;-)

Biz biz

My new biz cards are finally ready! A big thank you to the wonderful Surbhi for the help :-)

Sorry for the picture , they look much better in real life!
I think they're still cute and funny but they're also more professional, exactly what I was searching for.
Now I'm working on the packaging for the rings, maybe a new handmade box, a "special edition" just for Christmas...I was thinking about a miniature - thick paper -handbag. Hope to make a sample tomorrow or Sunday. I need time!!

mercoledì 10 ottobre 2007

Ode to Brenda Leigh Johnson

I'm seriously addicted to a million of tv series, but Brenda Leigh is my personal heroine and The Closer is currently my favorite tv show. One of my all time favorite shows indeed, with - of course - Sex & The City (yes, I'm proud to be an ordinary girl!) and Quantum Leap. Sam Beckett I hearted you ;-)

That's visual comfort food for me.
Thank Yew!

More cakes ;-D

The 2 tier cakes are back in town! New design to come...I'm out of stock with white and cream colored polymer clay cause my local craft store was closed today and yesterday and I don't know why. It's a trouble when you live in a small town and you have not a car :-( I need a big city life!!!

The pretzel earrings are also ready and available in the Etsy store

Cleaning my messy bookshelves, I found an old wonderful cook book with AMAZING pictures. I think they're great for the "thank you cards" I give to my customers with every purchase.

The new business cards should be ready soon as well :-)

martedì 9 ottobre 2007

It's Time!

This is the way the story goes, a little little bit about me...

I'm Anna, obsessive compulsive food jewelry maker. ("Hello Anna").

This is me when I was 2

(I still heart birthdays and cakes)

...And these are my miniature cake rings

I have a little Etsy store (love, love, love for Etsy and for all the lovely people I met there!) where I sell my handmade jewelry.

Per chi non ha mai sentito parlare di Etsy, si tratta di una galleria online che supporta ogni tipo di artista indipendente e tutto ciò che è handmade. Migliaia di negozietti virtuali in cui passare ore alla ricerca di oggetti curiosi, insoliti e frutto della creatività e dell'abilità di artisti e designer provenienti da ogni parte del mondo...

The Holiday Season is coming and right know I'm working on new stuff. Sometimes I take a break and I eat a lemon tart.

This blog is a work in progress, I still have to add links and arrange things. I don't really know where we'll go but I hope it will be a fun adventure!