giovedì 18 ottobre 2007

Waffles Galore!

I finally bought the polymer clay! The store is still closed (why???) so I had to purchase it on the internet and then wait 2 days more... By the way, I finally received it and I'm in a big crafty mood now, busy busy and with tons of new ideas :-)
Firts of all I thought that some fats and sugar free waffles should be a nice thing, so I tried and...

...Well, it's waffles galore!

I made some new rings (I still have to attach the ring bases!)

...and earrings

I also made 2 ice cream rings (I have only few of those miniature cups, so I have to find something else - cute - I can use for the ice cream rings!)

So, do you like them...?
More photos (and items!) will come soon.

4 commenti:

The Happy Hippie ha detto...

Those are so wonderful!
I want one of your rings so bad!

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Aww aarika, thank you :-)

Heather ha detto...

Absolutely too cute.

chain chain chain ha detto...

OMG! im sooo hungry!!!