lunedì 31 dicembre 2007

Resolutions, horoscopes and tomato bushes

...And so the 2007 will be gone in only 6 hours. Rest in peace.
I finally feel awake after a sleepy year, I'm ready and battle trained. Still a little bit scared and anxious I admit, but I'll be brave. Yes, this is my first resolution for the new year. I obviously made a mental list of resolutions (sorry for the ordinary girl I am...I can't help it, I make lists of everything, it's out of my control!) and "to be brave" could be applied to any point of that list. I would be braver than usual and enjoy life and brave enough to face certain serious things of course, but I would be also brave enough to wear the American Apparel black Lamé Leggings, more high heeled shoes and hot lipstick...

I feel this can be a good year for me even if I don't know exactly why but at least I can count on the horoscope. According to it infact - I'd better to say "according to them" as I read/listened to hundreds of horoscopes in the last weeks - this should be a great year for Virgo. I'll can even meet and marry my true neverending love (?!?).
I should say I'm not an horoscopes addicted at all, I don't even buy Astra (should I, Margherita ;-)?) but I have my astrologers guru, Marco Pesatori and Rob Brezsny and I heart their beautiful, fun, sparkling, clever astrological (and beyond) forecasts.
Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, this is what Rob Brezsny wrote this week for Virgo:

"The desert-dwelling creosote bush can survive for centuries on little water. In the Mohave Desert there is a ring of creosote, named "King Clone," whose age has been carbon-dated at 11,700 years. The hardiness of this low-maintenance wonder reminds me of you, Virgo. You sometimes entertain the fantasy that the less you need, the stronger you'll be. The downside of this attitude is that you may unwittingly make it hard for people to give you their gifts. The upside is that you've learned many secrets about how to nurture and take care of yourself. But in 2008, I foresee you making a shift away from the creosote bush metaphor. You're more likely to resemble a tomato bush that gets watered regularly."

May this 2008 be bright and wonderful for everyone :-)

sabato 29 dicembre 2007

On Polyvore.

It' weird that I haven't wrote anything about Polyvore's probably the most addictive website on the internet. Really: it's insane! I haven't spent too much time on it recently, so maybe I forget and postponed to write this post, but today I read Tricia Royal's post on Bits&Bobbins and now I feel my Polyvore addiction is here, still alive!

I love collages - from the ones made with paper/scissors/glue to the Photoshop stuff - and most of all I always loved paper dolls...dressing/undressing/re-dressing those wonderful paper mannequins with wonderful clothing and accessories...
Polyvore works right this way, but it's much much more than this: you can make wonderful ensembles with almost ANY image you find on the internet!!
The thing I really like is that you can play with fashion, using marvellous dresses, shoes, bags, anything you can think about...having a never ending (virtual) wardrobe for free!
When dreams come true...

I Spy

Gimme The Colors!

My African Diary

You can find me and my sets here
Anyone else on there?

PS: I had no time in these days to upload the pictures of my Christmas gift boxed presents...sorry, they will come soon ;-)

domenica 23 dicembre 2007

My Christmas days

Christmas is here and I still have to finish my Christmas presents...!
I worked every day all day long last week, having really no time for me and being too tired to be creative. Tomorrow will be the "gift boxing day". I would try something original...will see, I'll take some photos sharing the results with you!

This year I took the Handmade Pledge (more than 10000 people took it too, yay! Read the New York Times article here), so my presents will be all handcrafted. And, wow, this is really fun! I supported others indie designers too, buying wonderful items from them and I'm sure all these gifts will be really appreciated ;-)
I'll post the pictures soon after Christmas!

I'm also proud of my little Christmas tree

this "snow balls angel" and the colorful felt garlands are my new favorite ornaments :-)

I'll be back tomorrow with Christmas Carols and candy canes for everybody!

lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

Dear Santa...#4

I like to wear my jewelry, but of course I also like to wear different things. And there are so many great jewelry makers in the world...this is my current selection of things I love. Dear Santa, bookmark ths page!

The Cat Lover ring from Rickson Jewellery is simply perfect, even if you don't like cats (btw I like them!!!)

Secretary Necklace from Brookadelphia. Cause this is what my soul sings...

Another great ring. House and Tree Ring from J Davis Studio. A little house and a yard... It's all you need!

The adorable Tea Party Necklace from Aloha Dear is perfect with my cake rings ;-)

Ok, this is a classic, an evergreen hero. If It will be not under my Christmas Tree, I'll buy it myself!! I heart the Little Mr T pin from Kezzaroo

Tilly Bloom make great illustration jewelry, "curious jewelry", she call it. The Gone Cuckoo Necklace is actually my favourite.

And finally these: chocolate - theobromine molecule - earrings from Molecular Muse: molecular jewelry...this change all my perspectives!!!

sabato 1 dicembre 2007

Stealing Beauty

My new Treasury West, Stealing Beauty...