lunedì 3 dicembre 2007

Dear Santa...#4

I like to wear my jewelry, but of course I also like to wear different things. And there are so many great jewelry makers in the world...this is my current selection of things I love. Dear Santa, bookmark ths page!

The Cat Lover ring from Rickson Jewellery is simply perfect, even if you don't like cats (btw I like them!!!)

Secretary Necklace from Brookadelphia. Cause this is what my soul sings...

Another great ring. House and Tree Ring from J Davis Studio. A little house and a yard... It's all you need!

The adorable Tea Party Necklace from Aloha Dear is perfect with my cake rings ;-)

Ok, this is a classic, an evergreen hero. If It will be not under my Christmas Tree, I'll buy it myself!! I heart the Little Mr T pin from Kezzaroo

Tilly Bloom make great illustration jewelry, "curious jewelry", she call it. The Gone Cuckoo Necklace is actually my favourite.

And finally these: chocolate - theobromine molecule - earrings from Molecular Muse: molecular jewelry...this change all my perspectives!!!

5 commenti:

La Pomme ha detto...

I didn't like reading this blog post because it made me want to buy buy buy! :) I am truly infatuated with that cat ring.

glasfaden ha detto...

Oh, oh, Santa, if you can read this, please send a House and Tree ring for me too. If I can't have one for real, then at least as a ring ;-)

X by Leina Neima ha detto...

dear Santa ..please bring that cat ring to me, too :) LOL

Great finds!

Francisca ha detto...

I add you to my all the earings.

WendyB ha detto...

Ha ha! Mr. T is so cute.