domenica 21 marzo 2010

First Day Of Spring

Spring makes me do crazy things.

I've just ordered my first Vivien of Holloway dress.

It's amazing!

Next time, the one below :-)

venerdì 19 marzo 2010

Clothes With A Soul

During the "Roman holiday" I realized I'm in the mood for 70s fashion lately, and yes, this sounds a bit weird and unexpected to me, but all in all is a positive feeling.

I even bought a pair of highwaisted flared jeans - me?? jeans?? - which I totally felt in love at first sight and we'll be surely shown here as soon as I re-hem them.

I admit I purchased lil things at Zara and H&M - how couldn't avoid it, indeed?! - but the best part of the shopping experience was as usual the discovery of little indie stores, little gems which I can't wait to visit again as soon as I'll be back to Roma.

The award of best, new, cult store goes probably to Kokoro shop, an adorable place where you find unique pieces directly and meticulously created. I must thank you M. for introducing me to this store that, as you can read on the website, actually looks like a warm and inviting living room where friends have fun trying on clothes.

They recently started selling a selection of their pieces online (shipping to Italy only for now, but international order should be accepted soon too), but if you're in Roma I really recommend you to pay a visit. You can't be disappointed and almost surely you'll can't leave empty-handed!

Via del Boschetto 75
00100 Roma

giovedì 18 marzo 2010

Barbie Goes Mad (Men)

Ok, I'm not a dolls collector or a fan of collector dolls and tv show merchandising, but Barbie Collector Mad Men Dolls seems to be the ultimate object of desire!

Not necessarily the men, which look kind of weird as usual - and by the way a real Jon Hamm would be unbeatable... - but Betty and Joan dolls are fabulous!!

They're molded of Silkstone®, a material that looks and weight like porcelaine and they come with gorgeous accessories (even though there's no trace of cigarettes and martini glasses...what a mistake!) and details: there's even Joan's infamous pen necklace!!

But what I like more about these dolls is they not only are pretty good and faithful to their show counterparts, but they remind me a lot of the real '60s Barbie dolls - face, legs and body shape - so different from the modern ones!

Barbie Collector Mad Men Dolls will be available to purchase from July 2010, when Mad Men season 4 will premiere, for a suggested retail price of $74.95.

martedì 16 marzo 2010

Not For Tourists Roma

So I'm back from this marvellous, relaxing (very long) weekend in Roma that involved sunbathing in Villa Borghese, to die for wine tasting, good and not so good movies - dear Atom (Egoyan), what's happening to you?! - sushi eating on a lovely roof terrace and lot of shopping. I already miss all of that!

I'll write more about purchases and nice stores in another post, here I want to show some crazy and fun pictures I took in the city. Definitely a not for tourists view...


Do not place anything on top of this box...

The boxes are empty. All the bulbs are broken.

Warning. Questionable but realistic gift packages that exalt the contents.

giovedì 11 marzo 2010

Roman Holiday

Hoping in a Spring like weather - this week it snowed in Italy, again... - I'm going to Roma for a few days.

See you next week. Have a great weekend :-)

mercoledì 10 marzo 2010

Take A Walk On The Glam Rock Side

Oh, glam rock... I immediately think of David Bowie and the 70s glitters, Ziggy Stardust and the new rock universe. That Velvet Goldmine is definitely still loved and glam rock is always a big inspiration for a lot of designers. First of all for the enfant terrible of the French couture...

For the launch of his new fragrance, Ultra Ma Dame - a fresh and cool eau de parfum that fabulously smells of black rose, cedar wood and musk - Jean Paul Gaultier invite you to show your wild side, or at least your glam rock side!

Post you best glam rock picture in the gallery or vote for your favorite ones, here. You'll be rewarded: the ten most voted/most "glam rock" people will receive a set of the whole Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame product line and one lucky winner will get an invitation for two to Jean Paul Gaultier runway show and Jean Paul Gaultier brand accessories as a finishing touch to her/his Glam'Rock style!

The contest will end on 15th July, but don't wait anymore, take a fun walk on the Glam Rock side and show your style! Hurry, hurry and good luck!
See you on the front row!

martedì 9 marzo 2010

Built By Wendy

I was risking to miss the release of the new Built by Wendy collection, but luckily Jennifer posted about it last week!

I like a lot of things this time! Little dresses, blouses, skirts all all the pants!

lunedì 8 marzo 2010

Revenge Of The Ex Wives

Oscar night with unpredictable (really?) twist.

Talking about dresses - it's too early in the morning to talk about awards! - I adored Vera Farmiga in that spectacular Marchesa gown.

She looked like a peony and I'm telling this in the most positive way. Peony is my my favorite flower, by the way :-)

What about your favorites? Oscar dresses and flowers, I mean!

venerdì 5 marzo 2010

Nadinoo Spring!

I always thought Spring is, more than a just a season, a real state of mind. And when I'm in a "Spring mood" I need to wear the right clothes, clothes that perfectly match my attitude.

I think these new pieces from Nadinoo are what I need. You can buy them online, here.

Can't wait for more!

giovedì 4 marzo 2010

Cactus Flower

I'm not so fashion forwarded, so I don't really like to write about fashion weeks and collections we'll wear (ok, I pretend I'll wear...) not so soon. But there are collections I see and love at first sight and I cannot wait for a long season to talk about them.
That said, after Prada, I'm pretty sure a lot of us will be fond on the Rochas FW 2010/11 one as well.

The inspiration for the whole collection came from Cactus Flower, a 1969 movie with Goldie Hawn (she won the Oscar for the performance) and Ingrid Bergman. What a curious couple, don't you think?!

The character of Miss Hawn looks adorable, so fresh and funny

and the collection totally reflects the mood of late '60/early '70s in shapes and prints and colors, adding a lot of feminine details.

Modern vintage, here we come!


lunedì 1 marzo 2010


Lula celebrates its 5th anniversary with a new issue available with different covers.

Which is your favorite?

If you're wondering how and where to buy your copy - I know sometimes it can be a bit tricky - I recommend checking here if you're in US, here for UK and Europe (but they do ship worldwide) and here for Italy.