martedì 29 gennaio 2008

You Made My Day!

Last week I received a "blog award" from the lovely (and so stylish!) Ranna. Thank you girl!

The rules are that now I have to:

"Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

So I'll pass the award to the following bloggers:

Le Blog De Betty
Art & Ghosts
The Childcatcher
Picky Picks Pics
The Fashion-y Blog
Milk & Cookies
Ringo, Have a Banana
Sally Jane Vintage
Painfully Hip
Style Bytes

You all really made my day, how could I not love your amazing blogs?


giovedì 24 gennaio 2008

Playing with The Chameleon

It's true. I'm seriously in love.
After so many years, dreaming of the perfect dress, I found it.
It was just before Christmas and it happened totally by chance, searching for all and nothing, here and there on Etsy.
I never bought a made to measure/custom made dress before (except maybe when I was a child, but it was mom that bought for me, so...) and the idea really intrigued me. Plus, I loved the idea I could buy it directly from the designer, an indie designer, a real girl, the lovely Vanessa, so no mass production, all genuine!

And of course, I fell totally in love with the idea, the clever design of this little jewel...

There are no words to describe how fabulous The Chameleon Dress II is, you should only take a look at the pictures. If you feel excited every time you buy a new dress (like me), you can imagine how you could feel purchasing a MULTI STYLE dress...
Infact, ss the name suggests, the The Chameleon Dress II "can be worn in multiple different ways depending on how you wrap twist and tie it. The dress starts out backless with two long branches of fabric at the front. By manipulating the branches you can achieve multiple sleeve variations as well as a variety of looks at the waist." And you can even wear it as a skirt!

The dress come with a tutorial DVD showing you how to achieve 7 different styles variations, but the possibilities are endless, really, all you need is your fashion creativity! Of course I spent the last two days playing, twisting, experimenting and taking pictures!

With my deep blue, midcalf lenght dress I feel I'm ready to cross the red carpet, but I love the idea I can even wear it everyday as a skirt!

I took the pictures below at sunset, so they're a little bit dark, but I like how the sun danced on my yellow wall...!

Sorry for my was a bad hair day!

I'm Missent To Canada

Yesterday I received a little parcel I was waiting for. It was sent from US on November 1st 2007...1 week more and it will be 3 months!

Then I read this on the envelope:


And now, as I wrote here before, I'm still waiting for more parcels. I'm wondering where all of them are right now... Puerto Rico, this time? Russia? Burkina Faso maybe?!?

Post really makes me weep sometimes!

lunedì 21 gennaio 2008

Shiny Shiny

I've never been a big fan of the shiny effect - on fabrics, jewelry, even makeup - so last season was awful for me! I'm a "matte girl", but maybe I saw so many sparkling things that something is happening to me...I'll not jump completely on the bandwagon, but...

I finally received the lamé leggings I bought from American Apparel 2 weeks ago (it's only me or they're a little bit slow processing the orders???). By the way I spent the weekend (that was not shiny at all, so foggy...) trying on them with everything I have in my wardrobe :-)
I realized I like them with feminine minidresses and also with fun and sweet clothes, like the owl sweater from UO:

And after this I'm also in love with the Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge gel eyeliner, that will surely be one of my next purchases. I wear eyeliner since I was 16 or 17 years old, and this one is so strong...the graphic effect is wonderful.

venerdì 18 gennaio 2008

All I need

I'm feeling guilty for the recent lack of posts. This week I felt like a 24/7 nanny, housewife and career girl! Plus, I'm waiting for my recent purchases to arrive, but it's a snail mail period and I'm still waiting for parcels sent on early December...
So sad...
There are tons of nice things traveling the world to me and I want a fabulous mail day!!!! And a sunny and warm weekend will be great as well...

On the good side, I finally updated my blogroll, expecially the Style Zone section, so take a look at all those nice blogs/wesites out there when you have a chance.
I'll be back soon after a little rest.

domenica 13 gennaio 2008

Lost And Found

From October to March and beyond, my hands are cold as ice cream (and feet were too, before UGG boots). Yesterday, don't know exactly how and where, I lost a glove. One of my beloved old-and-ugly black gloves. The ones really awful but sooo warm almost everyone has, the ones that saved me from Winter in the last three years...we were long time friends!
In a few words, yesterday was a mournful day for my poor delicate hands.

Then 2 things happened:

1. I discovered this website, One Cold Hand
and now I wish I've lost my glove in Pittsburgh...

2. I'm finally enjoyng these Oh-So-Cute little friends that slept in my wardrobe for awhile. Not too warm, but too pretty!

Finally, I went to the movie watching I Am Legend.
My post-post-everything NYC!
Not too bad wearing summer dresses in Winter...

domenica 6 gennaio 2008

If You're Feeling Sinister

I want to be an active girl, so, as yesterday was my mother's birthday, I made some 1 am! This way she found them for breakfast. Surprise surprise.
Maybe I'm a little bit too active.

Next morning I looked this way...

...but the cookies were pretty at least.

Tomorrow I'll be back at work. Never mentioned before, but I'm also a part time nanny for a 2 years old girl. I heart my oversized tapestry bag and I'm learning how to fly using my umbrella too. Not so easy: I'll keep you posted.

I'm trying to enjoy Winter for the first time, but I'm sure I'll need soon a little bit of Spring.
Luckily I have this little dress and my red flats :-)

giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

I Am A Ghost And So Are You

I discovered only recently the art of Caitlin Shearer and I'm amazed by her work. She's from Australia and she's only 18 but she has a great style, a strong artistic identity.
Her dreamy girls remind me of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele's work, but there are also modern symbolism, poetry and a contemporary fascinating look at fashion universe.

Apple Maidens

Lady Bird


I asked her to answer some questions to know more about her world...


I am 18 and going to art school next year. I like patent leather shoes and cinnamon toast and see through dresses.


Patrick Wolf, fashion collections.


J.W Waterhouse, Klimt, Lilly Piri, Riika Sormunen.


I want to make books with my poetry and illustrations. I also want to start sewing dresses, and to begin a design collective with my friends.


Just to get through art school and create things that I'm content with.

Ersatz 30

She sells prints and originals ans she's open to commissions, freelance jobs and editorial work too: just send her a line :-)

You can find Caitin Shearer on MySpace, Flickr and Deviant Art.

Thank you Caitlin, I'm sure you'll do great things and will accomplish what you have set in mind :-)

martedì 1 gennaio 2008

The express pledge

Nice fireworks around here last night! A really quiet new year's eve, but nice and enjoyable. My 2008 simply began listening to good music and drinking good wine.
Talking about good music, I made a new playlist yesterday - songs I want to keep with me this year, the ones I want to start the 2008 with

Then today I took another pledge (another resolution indeed but I called "pledge" just to vary!): I pledge to wear cute outfits more often, even if it's winter, even if it's cold outside and I hate cold, even when I stay at home all day long. Starting from today.

So, here's the first one and also my first picture of 2008:

Well, I still have some good spumante from last night waiting for me in the fridge...