domenica 29 giugno 2008

Wearing a Feeling

When I opened my jewelry online store last year I immediately noticed how much people like one of a kind items. I can fill my boutique with every sort of treats, but there will always be someone who ask me for a custom made piece (and I'm usually glad to to accept the request!).
A custom made work, something unique and made just for you make you feel special, but I think it's also an easy and creative way to indulge in memories showing a little bit of you.

Some years ago, the first time I saw one of the bags from the italian brand Momaboma I spent a while looking at it in fascination, literally "reading" it. Their bags, wallets and accessories are built around an "esthethic of recycling", using original old newspapers and period magazines (and even original classworks!), wrapped in a crossed polypropylene net to obtain a patented material.

As you can read on their page:

Creation is not a stroke of genius but the capacity to insert into an infinite history of passion, application, emotions: the history of the contemporaneous man.

Right this month Momaboma launched an interesting project called MyMomaboma. Through their website you can now submit your request for a custom made accesory using your own materials and memories. Magazines, books, photos, letters and even fabrics, clothes, old bags and plastic stuff will be reworked and rethought around a new project. Your own project indeed.

Now you can take a walk down Memory Lane carrying your feelings in a new bag...

mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

Fun & Chic

I always liked Moschino but I noticed not many bloggers seem to post pictures or write about their collections and I'm wondering if I'm the only addicted!
Easy and ready to wear dresses, fun accessories and juicy colors are exactly what I search for when I think about a perfect outfit.

The prefall 2008 collection feature a gorgeous colors palette. Mustard, blue and purple plus black and creamy tones work perfectly together. I really like the shapes and the proportions and those peep toe heels are to die for...

The resort 2009 collection is possibly my favorite ever and definitely the perfect mix between dolly and easy chic look, playful yet still elegant. The mini cocktail dresses, the floaty skirts and everything else are a perfect little thing.

Also, take a look at their homepage, it's nice and fun as the clothes ;-)

Pictures courtesy and Moschino website

lunedì 23 giugno 2008

Getting a Tan

I'm alive! I'm sorry for the lack of post last week, but apparently my blog didn't want me anymore and I wasn't able to log in until now...
Oh well, I'm back and I'll try to post everyday from now!
The Summer is finally, definitely here (and the new camera too, the fab little jewel...that still need a tripod though) and I'm ready for the first one of my Summer 2008 missions: to get a tan!

I believe in destiny and I always loved Summer, this season full of promises and possibilities and this year, despite my pale pale skin I decided I would go for a holiday skin. Living by the sea, I learnt how bad people can look at your milky legs during the hot season... I like the sun, I'm not (at least not anymore) a big fan of the dark-gothic look for myself and I'd love to get a light tan but as I wrote above, it's really a mission cause my skin seems to reject sun...I usually don't get bad burnings (I always use high protection moistures, by the way, I'm not crazy, I know the importance of skin protection from UVA/UVB!), but I usually don't get that nice light cookie color as well...

So now that the sun is high and bright in the sky, I decided to live on the beach!
I'm living in shorts, caftans, bikinis and swimsuits: my wardrobe and my beautycase are totally unusual for me!

For my - hopefully not impossible - mission, I decided despite all the disappointment of the last years, I don't have to be lazy and for seven days, continuously, from yesterday to Saturday I'll conquer the beach. Just to start. Crossing fingers this year I'll have some results...
I'll keep you posted!

For now, I leave you with some holiday outfits ideas from the special issue of Elle Italy, Beauty & The Beach. Click on the pictures to see the details ;-)

lunedì 16 giugno 2008

Meet Me on The Front Row

First of all, a great news: I finally ordered a new camera today! Hopefully it will be here for the weekend...can't wait to play! Having not an "official potographer" I'm also looking for a tripod and I hope to feel brave enough to use it in public (kudos to Sally Jane), taking some self portraits outside. Will see...

Apart from this, I had a look at my inspiration folder today and I found that a lot of my favorites editorials come from a little unconventional fashion magazine, Io Donna, the weekly women's magazine that come on Saturday with the italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. I obviously like the often breathtaking photos of Vogue Italia, but I'm glad to find something smart and creative also in a weekly magazine.

Two times per year, during the Milano Fashion Week, the Io Donna editorials are totally great. Neither a simple showcase for clothes and accessories, nor just a splendid photoshoot where you can't really see anything... They're really fun to look at, like the one below, called Prima Fila (Front Row) from 2005.

Any familiar face...?