sabato 7 giugno 2008

The Physics of Ice

Around 70 percent of human body is made of water.
Over 70 percent of our planet surface is covered by water.
And then there is Katharina Ludwig, who even makes water jewellery. Water is involved in a lot of her work indeed, but the series I love the most is probably the Ice Jewellery collection.

I like the unusual and poetic idea behind these temporary creations: more than jewellery they're "performing pieces". Earrings, necklaces, rings which live for one night, a few hours (but they come with a sort of mold so you can make a new one everytime you want), melting and gathering drops of water in a little cup or directly on your body.

From her website:
If water itself is worn as a jewel the preciousness of water is enhanced.
Put on the body it will melt by the body warmth.
What will stay is just the core of it and the marks the ice leave at your skin.

If you're not aquaphobic, these are for you...

Ice Earrings

Ice Ring: a ring with a stone out of ice. When the stone melts in contains some drops of water in a cup.

The Ice Necklace: a chain guided in a special way and frozen into ice cubes and shapes, melted the chain extends to its full size.

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thanks for adding me!
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love all that luxury pieces, amazing post and work!

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Lil' Puch ha detto...

Love your style and the wonderful posts you make. You have one of my favorites blogs and i'm starting my own, this is it:
Thanx for all the ideas!!

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

Wow! Those are really nifty. I bet they'd keep you cool for awhile in the summer too!

Jenny H. ha detto...

these are pretty much the coolest pieces of jewelry i have ever seen.

wanna link up?
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Sharon Rose ha detto...

Amazing creativity-certainly something different!!

Siljesfashion ha detto...

How fun, cool post!

chloe van paris ha detto...

The iced necklace is a wonderful and poetic idea.

Sally Jane ha detto...

These are really cool (no pun intended). And with temperatures here nearing 100 I could really use them right now.

And if you're ever in PA, I'd be happy to take you shopping! ;)

Anonimo ha detto...

this is such a fascintaing idea! i really love the chain threaded through ice, and i think the earring would look ethereally beautiful as they melted. i love the fact that you can make it again yourself.

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ jenny h: I added you :-)

@ sally jane: Thanks! Hope to come to PA one day ;-)

@ mh bass: I agree, the earrings are my favorites :-)