domenica 29 giugno 2008

Wearing a Feeling

When I opened my jewelry online store last year I immediately noticed how much people like one of a kind items. I can fill my boutique with every sort of treats, but there will always be someone who ask me for a custom made piece (and I'm usually glad to to accept the request!).
A custom made work, something unique and made just for you make you feel special, but I think it's also an easy and creative way to indulge in memories showing a little bit of you.

Some years ago, the first time I saw one of the bags from the italian brand Momaboma I spent a while looking at it in fascination, literally "reading" it. Their bags, wallets and accessories are built around an "esthethic of recycling", using original old newspapers and period magazines (and even original classworks!), wrapped in a crossed polypropylene net to obtain a patented material.

As you can read on their page:

Creation is not a stroke of genius but the capacity to insert into an infinite history of passion, application, emotions: the history of the contemporaneous man.

Right this month Momaboma launched an interesting project called MyMomaboma. Through their website you can now submit your request for a custom made accesory using your own materials and memories. Magazines, books, photos, letters and even fabrics, clothes, old bags and plastic stuff will be reworked and rethought around a new project. Your own project indeed.

Now you can take a walk down Memory Lane carrying your feelings in a new bag...

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The Clothes Horse ha detto...

Wow, those are really awesome bags. I must admit, I'm super in love with the one of the kind stuff too.

Ragamala ha detto...

These bags are so wonderful and full of life!

Rk, Style Blogger ha detto...

:O that is such a cool idea! I'd love one of those bags.

and, yes, one-of-a-kind stuff makes me feel special. ^__^


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Hi from Paris my stylish friend

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have a great evening and keep on being stylish


design for mankind. ha detto...


Sharon Rose ha detto...

Clever and creative idea-I particularly love the 1st one-lovely!!

Ida ha detto...

Wow, such a great post. The bags look so interesting and stylish. Amazing!

Always In Style ha detto...

OMG - those bags are fantastic!

Times of Glory ha detto...

I really love these personalised bags - they are special, beautiful and truly practical! I have to check their site right now! Thank you for your lovely info xx

bestie ha detto...

how fab! customized, nostalgic bags, yes please!