venerdì 28 novembre 2008

The Way We Where, The Way We'll Be.

Damn you, Facebook! I joined it only recently cause, I have to say it, it scares me and I was not sure I wanted to re-meet ALL of the people I have known in my whole life since now. But I dit it of course, I joined.
I'm pretty shy on Facebook, I don't add anyone and I actually have less than 30 friends (and just a few are real friends). I don't add people I was at school with twenty years ago just because "the more the merrier" and I even spent an hour before adding a close friend I didn't hear in a while cause I thought maybe he didn't remember me!! Ok, I'm stupid, I know!

By the way, I'm virtually meeting a lot of people I've known and lost and every day there's a new trip down memory lane. This morning I first found (well, she found me) one of my primary school friends. I remember birthdays and afternoons spent playing and chatting. Now she's a surgeon... Then, later today I looked for a friend I met when we both were at Uni. I remember the theater and anthropology classes, those happy days... She married, last May and I didn't even know she had a boyfriend. Well, a bit too much for today!

I feel strange, a bit sad, a bit anxious about my life and my projects...
I need something new, definitely. And just because this still is the silly blog it used to be and not a "dear diary" one and I don't want this post sounds like a crying "oh poor me" thing, I decided I really need to do something new...on the silly side!

I need a change of perspectives: I have to cut my hair. Hoping in a way different mood...

I decided for a long bob, Nicole Richie style. Next week that will be done.

Do you like it?

Crossing fingers, I will not look awful. That would be a bad change of perspective!

mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

New Listings- Part 1

Just a quick note to announce the first part of my new jewelry collection is up for sale in my store. Check it!

More items soon ;-)

martedì 25 novembre 2008

Matthew Williamson Is In The (H&M) Air

I'm pretty excited about this...

H&M is proud to announce that the next guest designer will be Matthew Williamson, the British designer whose colour-drenched collections always carry the promise of the sun. Starting with an exclusive women’s fashion range at selected stores April 23, then continuing with the perfect men’s and women’s pieces for Summer available from mid-May in all H&M stores world wide. In an exclusive for H&M, Williamson will debut his first ever menswear pieces.


lunedì 24 novembre 2008

Igor + André = Love

Considering half of the books in my Amazon - huge - wish list are books of fashion illustration (this one my new favorite), I can say I'm totally addicted. No doubt.

I'm pretty sure all of you know who Danny Roberts is, but if not check his gorgeous work on Igor + André.

His illustrations are mesmerizing...

And how great are the ones from Blogger Portrait Series?

It's Her Factory

Style Rookie

Bunny Bisous



I really hope to see Danny's work on each and every amazing magazine really really soon. He deserves this!

venerdì 21 novembre 2008

All New and Zipped Up

Still obsessed with miniature food, lately I worked on a new collection of jewelry using my new favorite materials: zips and glass gems. This is a small preview of some of the pieces I'm working on this week...big collar necklaces all the way!

Like them...?
More to come soon...there will be new necklaces, bracelets and shoe clips and they will all be in the store next week.

martedì 18 novembre 2008

Seven Pieces Of Me

I was tagged by the lovely Mothersvea and even though you probably don't need to know seven unimportant things about me, I'm happy to play!

This is how it works:
- You have to link to the person who tagged you
- You have to write 7 things about yourself (both wierd and normal stuff)
- You have to tag 7 people and link to them in the end of the post and you have to leave a comment on their blog.

1. I went to dance classes for years when I was a child. Funnily enough, now I hate to dance!

2. One of my essays was selected for a film critic prize. It was about The Virgin Suicides and the title was "I Want To Be A Goddess".

3. I have a really powerful memory for past things...I can easily remember adresses and old phone numbers even after years.

4. I can't drive and public transportation are my anchor. Public transportation and my feet, of course.

5. I write using the right hand but I'm left handed for cutting and a lot of other things.

6. Though I've actually forgotten a lot, when I was 17 I started learning Japanese...

7. I think Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields) has the sexiest voice ever...

Probably a lot of you have already been tagged so I decided to not pass this along, but you'd like to play considered yourself tagged by me :-)

PS: Wow, thank you for all the comments on the lace earrings tutorial below! More DIY things coming soon ;-)

sabato 15 novembre 2008

DIY Lace Earrings

So I finally managed to have some DIY projects ready to post in time for Christmas. I hope you will enjoy them and maybe you could even take some hints for your little handmade presents ;-)

This first project is a really easy and quick one for making lace earrings.

You will need:

You can use every sort of lace/lace like/embroidered trimmings but be sure to choose one with a well defined pattern and easy to cut. Also, a thick trimming will work best so maybe you would iron it using a spray starch to add extra crispness.

Cut the lace shape following the outlines

A bit of transparent nail polish (or glue) will fix everything

Insert the jump ring and the eye pin, then add the beads

After shortening the eye pin, make a small loop at the top, add the earwires and...


mercoledì 12 novembre 2008

Fashion Anatomy

I probably should have written about this editorial in time for Halloween...better late than never!

It is from Elle Italy and it's actually one of my recent faves. Maybe it's a bit creepy and dark but it's not obvious (I'm a bit tired of the oh-so-popular "road movie" and "life in the City" themed eds published every month everywhere...).

Antropology and anatomy are two of my passions. Combine them with fashion and you'll obtain this

The images are from Elle Italy, October 2008 issue, photographer Ruven Afanador

lunedì 10 novembre 2008

The Well Raised Girl

It seems I bought a dress with a name, or at least with a title...!
La Otra is a vintage Etsy store where each dress listed has a name, so you can find The Summertime Girl, The Cutie Pie, The Founding Mother, or The Country Cousin and for each of them there's a nice introduction.

I don't like to wear a stereotype, but I adore the idea of wearing a story of myself and if the starting point is "a title" the whole thing is really intriguing! So when I found my dress, La Bien Elevée, I immediately fall in love with it and its description:

"You have never missed a curfew, forgotten a friends birthday, skipped a thank you note or called in sick unless you were going into convulsions. Your dress reflects you P's and Q's as clearly as your thoughtful philosophy"

The seller was also very nice and, reflecting its name, La Bien Elevée came beautifully wrapped and with a super nice handwritten thank you card. I adore these little details!

Thank you La Otra!

venerdì 7 novembre 2008

What The Body Tells

As much as I love pictures and photo portraits, I adore custom painted portraits. I don't know, there's surely a pinch of narcissism in this, but I always thought a portait is not only a perfect way to remember but also something that shows the real inner self of a person, a personal interpretation of both exteriority and essence (ever read La Chambre Claire?).

Before studying cinema, I went to the Art School and I remember those drawing classes where we students have to pose for portaits. Every week one of us had to stand in the center of the room (not naked of course, but I assure you it was often embarassing and I always had the craziest poses, like that time when I had to stand holding a big guitare!), surrounded by people looking at you, trying to capture your nature - or at least to make a good sketch! Although we were still so young, most of us already had a personal style and the portraits looked so interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes intense but always showing a personal point of view.

Last year I stumbled upon the work of Amanda Blake, a professional oil painter from Portland, Oregon. Look at them and you'll can easily understand why I love her paintings so much

She says she's obsessed with the colors of faded Polaroids. I think there's nothing more poetic than a faded Polaroid.

Find Amanda Blake on Etsy and on Flickr (take a look at the Little People Blocks set, I adore those ones).

giovedì 6 novembre 2008

Inspiration, Inspiration!

Simple shapes combined with vibrant colors, prints and crazy details are definitely my cup of tea so I was really excited when months ago I heard of the new collaboration between the renowned British-Brazilian duo Clements Ribeiro (yes, they're almost back, finally!) and the English embroiderer and mixed media textile designer Karen Nicol (remember the Marc Jacobs and Chloe collaborations?) for a collection of embellished cashmere knits. A project consisting in only 200 one-of-a-kind amazing pieces adorned in vintage trinkets - charms, beads, buttons, even old belt buckles - Nicol's has collected over the years. Judging by pictures they're precious.

Some of the knits were available on Net-A-Porter, but they went sold out in a moment (no recession for luxury items!).

I'm in awe of each of these pieces and I can officially say that a personal DIY interpretation will come soon...check back!