lunedì 10 novembre 2008

The Well Raised Girl

It seems I bought a dress with a name, or at least with a title...!
La Otra is a vintage Etsy store where each dress listed has a name, so you can find The Summertime Girl, The Cutie Pie, The Founding Mother, or The Country Cousin and for each of them there's a nice introduction.

I don't like to wear a stereotype, but I adore the idea of wearing a story of myself and if the starting point is "a title" the whole thing is really intriguing! So when I found my dress, La Bien Elevée, I immediately fall in love with it and its description:

"You have never missed a curfew, forgotten a friends birthday, skipped a thank you note or called in sick unless you were going into convulsions. Your dress reflects you P's and Q's as clearly as your thoughtful philosophy"

The seller was also very nice and, reflecting its name, La Bien Elevée came beautifully wrapped and with a super nice handwritten thank you card. I adore these little details!

Thank you La Otra!

6 commenti:

M* ha detto...

You are really a cutie! Like a doll!

Zanita ha detto...

oh how lovely is your jewellery! i must remember to come back here. Cute outfit, you are like a little doll!
zanita x

Savvy Mode SG ha detto...

too cute.

Marina ha detto...

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Marina (from France)

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

Ooh, that description is heavenly! These types of details make my heart sing!

Thu ha detto...

i love it when sellers are super friendly and provide great service.

that dress does make you look like a doll.