domenica 2 novembre 2008

November Board

Considering I fill a notebook per month with wish lists, to do lists and all that things, I decided to share with you my current shopping obsessions.

American Apparel.
Despite their gross ads, I'm developing an insane addiction to American Apparel. I've just realized that when I have to buy basic pieces like tees and tanks I tend to choose always dark colors, 99% of times black...I probably need something "quite" to pair with bold key pieces and accessories! AA items are no exception. The unisex tri-blend tee - loose fit but just a bit - is definitely something I would wear with a little high waisted skirt (like the AA pleated schoolgirl skirt that hopefully will come soon), just to de-girlify the outfit. The scoop neck dress (scoop neck is another obession per se at the moment) looks like a perfect little black dress, thought it is available in one size only and it is probably a bit sheer...mmmh, has anyone already bought/tried on this dress? Maybe I'd be better to look for the classic double U-neck one...

Don't know exactly how it happens but I'm currently in love with pretty much everything with sequins sewn on. The skirt above is from Asos, the top is Sonia Rykiel, but I'm loving this vintage one too.

Mary Janes.
I already have a pair of high heeled mary jane shoes, but these raspberry ones are definitely adorable...and really inexpensive too. I don't want to pay hundreds of Euros for a pair of shoes I can't wear everyday!

Dark lipstick.
I didn't wear dark lipsticks in 8/10 years, but it's definitely time for trying one again. Dark purple shades are my favorites...I need a trip to the beauty store. Soon.

4 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

I love Mary Janes too!

WendyB ha detto...

Go for that sequined top! I love it.

Mikkle ha detto...

ooo need to play around with dark lipstick as well. get wants! you have awesome taste!

Anonimo ha detto...

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