venerdì 30 novembre 2007

Dear Santa...#3

It's time for fashion, wearable items and accessories. Once again, from Etsy with handmade love ;-)

The Cockroach Dress from Aorta is a little bit too large for me, but I can spend hours in her store looking at her marvellous creations...super talented girl!

A great hair accessory: Iridescent Elegange from Marketa New York

Tool Print Tee from Lucha Workshop. Tools for everyday + first aid items : neat and clever idea!

Streets of Violet -Handknit Asymmetrical Scarf from Bombshellstudios. I love the color of this one, but there are other great scarves in this store...

Birds Hair Stick from QueCraft. Glorious item!!!

Vintage style beret in this wonderful chili color, from Crochet by Lori Leigh

giovedì 29 novembre 2007

Fruit Tarts ready to go!

I finally have all the stuff ready for the local boutiques...Consignment, consignment, here I am!
These are two necklace from the Fruit Tarts Collection, I could eat them ;-)

Hope to sell all of them for Christmas!!!

mercoledì 28 novembre 2007

Dear Santa...#2

Here we go with the second round! This time my Etsy Christmas wish list is all about photography and photomontage...

Jump from Wilsonke. And I'm ready to jump in this picture!

NYC, an empty train...just magic... on the B train, NYC from agirlcalledjack

A master piece and a must have for me: The Ghost Letters. I adore Madelaine's art.

Great light here. Buck from 1977

Calobee has great photos in her store; I choose this one, The Forgotten Bride, my new favourite of hers.

Cakes on my mind (and also on my hair)

Italian post is making me crazy in this period...I know it's holiday time, but I'm still waiting for parcels sent from USA on early October!!! By the way post is always extremely slow in Italy, so...
Yesterday I finally received the metal bobby pins I ordered 2 month ago and I made these miniature cake hair pins.

They're all available in my store

lunedì 26 novembre 2007

Dear Santa...#1

I surely can write a never ending Christmas wish list this year. Tons of wishes and handmade stuff on top :-) Once again, Etsy is a goldmine!!!
This first wish list is all about art prints...

Little Robot is definitely a great shop. This A Cage For Two is so powerful...curse or blessing...I can't decide.

The girls of Peechy Cheek are so fascinating, vintage style meets modern age, Holly Golightly and the digital era!

Connectedness from Groundwork

The Twins from Eekdesign. Two sister (the third and fourth in her "Seven Sisters" print series), red dresses, a swan...three of my obsessions. And it reminds me a little of Peter Greenaway of course :-)

Yay for digital!!! Pin the birdhouse from Margin

A Classified Selection from MarmeeCraft. I adore her style.

And now some more paper love...they're not prints but still wonderful artworks!

Peter, Peter, Cake Eater from redroostercraft

The marvellous Delicate Heart from Wool and Water

And last but not least, the beautiful Fish Head Popup Card from Crankbunny

Cyber Monday

So today is Cyber Monday...a myth??? We'll see, hopefully!
For now I had no sales in my store but it's still morning in the US...go with holiday shopping!!!
I listed 3 new charm necklaces, pewter and polymer clay charms. This one is my favourite, I love gingerbread men!

Oh! And this is the first picture of my first mini hamburger :-)

Ok, back to work now...polymer clay cookies are still waiting for me ;-)

domenica 25 novembre 2007

Etsy European Street Team

Ok, I know, I am a lazy girl... I'm on Etsy as a seller since last February, but only a couple of days ago I joined my first Etsy Street Team,
the European
one of course :-)
I'm very pleased cause it seems to be a nice group of talented artists. I promised to be an active member of the team, so first thing I spent yesterday and today (well, today was an on/off presence cause I had to work on new stuff!) chatting on Etsy with other sellers and I also have a new treasury, all European:

So...hooray for Europe

New cookie brooches and charms necklaces are in the oven right now, with a miniature hamburger - my first hopefully I'll have some pictures to post later today or tomorrow. And only if they'll look good!!

lunedì 19 novembre 2007

Guilty Pleasures

My comfort food.
Can't live without lemon tarts...

...and shoes, of course :-)

mercoledì 7 novembre 2007

Things to do on a rainy day...

I've been simpsonized!
Say Ciao to Anna Simpson...

...and let me introduce South Park Anna (thank you Aarika for the link!)


venerdì 2 novembre 2007

Bake me a cake!

I really don't know why I became so obsessed with food in these years, but here I am...! I'm not that big eater at all, I think mine is an "eye obsession". The things I like the most about food are shapes and colors and this is weird cause I don't like - better, I really can't - eat artificial colored food! Maybe in a previous life I was a food stylist, who knows it...!

I recently found this wonderful blog and I'm amazed by the deeply talented Anne. She's not only a great cook, but she can make wonderful photos of her desserts too! I can't stop watching them on Flickr; each new photo from her is an instant fave for me.
I tried some of her recipes (the chocolatey cupcakes were perfect!) and I have a lot more on hold...I'm sure I'll give them a try soon :-)

1. Vanilla Cupcake, 2. Leche Flan, 3. Blueberry Cream Tart, 4. Chocolate Chip Sweet Rolls, 5. Black Forest Cake, 6. Pretzels, 7. Banana Caramel Tart, 8. Fortress Cake, 9. Linzer Sables, 10. Lemon Lime Cream Cheese Pound Cake, 11. Chocolate Cupcake, 12. Strawberry Mirror Cake, 13. Love Buns, 14. Orange Yogurt Cake, 15. Petit Fours, 16. Bostini cream Pie

Thank you Anne, keep going on with your great work!