lunedì 26 novembre 2007

Dear Santa...#1

I surely can write a never ending Christmas wish list this year. Tons of wishes and handmade stuff on top :-) Once again, Etsy is a goldmine!!!
This first wish list is all about art prints...

Little Robot is definitely a great shop. This A Cage For Two is so powerful...curse or blessing...I can't decide.

The girls of Peechy Cheek are so fascinating, vintage style meets modern age, Holly Golightly and the digital era!

Connectedness from Groundwork

The Twins from Eekdesign. Two sister (the third and fourth in her "Seven Sisters" print series), red dresses, a swan...three of my obsessions. And it reminds me a little of Peter Greenaway of course :-)

Yay for digital!!! Pin the birdhouse from Margin

A Classified Selection from MarmeeCraft. I adore her style.

And now some more paper love...they're not prints but still wonderful artworks!

Peter, Peter, Cake Eater from redroostercraft

The marvellous Delicate Heart from Wool and Water

And last but not least, the beautiful Fish Head Popup Card from Crankbunny

9 commenti:

Felicia ha detto...

Hope you get what you want for Christmas! :)

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Thanks Felicia, that's would be great!!!

glasfaden ha detto...

What a sweet blog you have!! It's the first time I visit it. I also love prints (esp. letterpress) - some of my faves are here too.
And.. I love that word "cupcakes" instead of "comments" ^_^

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Aww glasfaden, how sweet you are! Thanks a lot and come back soon :-)

Jen (sweetestpea) ha detto...

Beautiful highlights! Some very lovely prints here.

Simply Wired ha detto...

What a great list! Lovely prints, too. I really like all of your should try to put these into a Treasury!

Kellybot ha detto...

I love marmee too! I hope to have an Etsy Christmas as well - I know my recipients will!

Anonimo ha detto...

What an adorable blog you have. ETSY is such a vast universe that I'm always excited to find a new lens to look at it through. I love these quaint paper artisans.


Karin ha detto...

I got one of those "delicate heart" from and I absolutely LOVE it!