domenica 25 novembre 2007

Etsy European Street Team

Ok, I know, I am a lazy girl... I'm on Etsy as a seller since last February, but only a couple of days ago I joined my first Etsy Street Team,
the European
one of course :-)
I'm very pleased cause it seems to be a nice group of talented artists. I promised to be an active member of the team, so first thing I spent yesterday and today (well, today was an on/off presence cause I had to work on new stuff!) chatting on Etsy with other sellers and I also have a new treasury, all European:

So...hooray for Europe

New cookie brooches and charms necklaces are in the oven right now, with a miniature hamburger - my first hopefully I'll have some pictures to post later today or tomorrow. And only if they'll look good!!

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