lunedì 28 settembre 2009

The New Alice Pleasance

You may have noticed my Etsy store has been on vacation mode since the beginning of August.

I thought for a while and felt I need to make some changes and most of all I wanted to add something new to my collection.

My long time readers may know I have a real passion for hats and hair accessories, expecially vintage (of course!) or with a retro feeling, so I worked in that direction and after sketching, designing and trying for a while I'm glad to introduce you the new Alice Pleasance's Fascinator Hats.

Made of natural straw, they measure 14 cm around and are available in a variety of colors. The decorations feature velvet leaves, ribbons, feathers and all sorts of fabric and paper flowers and fruits.
I didn't use any plastic flowers at all, cause I want to recreate the look of real vintage hair accessories from our lovely bygone eras.

The only plastic part is the comb sewn on the back of the fascinator. I chose plastic instead of metal, so you can be sure it's actually nickel free!

Apart from the new hats, the miniature cake rings are still available and there is also a new line of earrings and hairpins featuring lucite and plastic flower cabs.

As my brand is called Alice Pleasance I decided to transform my store in a sort of personal Wonderland, naming each section after a chapter of Lewis Carroll's books...

Hope you will join me soon for a crazy Unbirthday party :-)

sabato 26 settembre 2009

One Day At The Vintage Fair

Yesterday was a fun day, me and the wonderful Tiz went to Vintage. La Moda Che Vive Due Volte, a vintage fair we were planning to attend since august! We always talk about the lack of real vintage markets and stores here, so we were pretty excited to go.

It was lot of fun and lot of nice things to see...

this coat was lovely!

Lots of designer vintage items too

look at these incredible Vuitton luggages below...the big one was 2600€! If you enlarge the picture you can see it has old tags from luxury hotels on it: I bet the previous owner made some great journeys...

The prices were generally a bit on the high side, but of course we managed to find something nice to buy.
After trying on several pairs on nice glasses...

Tiz found a beautiful hat to add to her collection

and I fell in love with a pair of vintage glasses

and a really interesting jacket, which curiously is not vintage, but it's from an indipendent italian brand we never heard of before. A post about it will come soon!

venerdì 25 settembre 2009

Shoe Heaven

Psycho-logic, the "short fashion movie" written and directed by Christian Louboutin for the opening of his Hollywood-store is pretty weird. It starts like a tribute to Psycho - and I'm sure the girl has stolen the money to buy Louboutin heels - and then it takes a totally different direction. The second part actually reminds me of the aesthetic of certain silent movies. And a good pinch of Pop culture, of course...

mercoledì 23 settembre 2009

Gatsby Best

The June edition was unmissable as always, at least judging by pictures, but the September one could be a great way to celebrate the beginning of Fall. So go, if you can!

The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island has everything you can ask for: authentic '78 records from the 1920s played on a phonograph, charleston lessons, 1920s motorcar exhibition, vintage clothing dealers and boutique milliners, swimsuit competition (for women and men!), parade of hats, vintage portraits and of course flappers, sporting gents, tiny tots and Michael Arenella with his Dreamland Orchestra.

There's even a Pie Contest with categories like "Mom’s Best" and "Hobo's Choice", but if you prefer savoury food there are also tasty sandwiches and BBQ for your picnic needs...

So what you're waiting for?

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Recession friendly admission: 5$

Pictures: Metromix New York

lunedì 21 settembre 2009

Tim & Tim

Tim Walker dit it again and after that first editorial featuring Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, published last December in Vogue UK, he did a new fantastic one for the October issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Tricks AND Treats...

Found via Style Frizz

sabato 19 settembre 2009

Eloise, Ramona and The Flappers

Flapper Doodle's girls are just adorable. They spend their time playing dress up and doing fun things, looking always cute with their Louise Brooks inspired hairstyle.

Kate Gabrielle, the artist behind these illustrations, loves Turner Classic Movies,1920's jazz age music and...grapefruit juice! She's having a BOGO sale on her doodle prints (it runs till Sept. 23th) so be sure to check her Etsy store!