sabato 5 settembre 2009

It's Charleston Night, Baby

Oh my, there are lots of fantastic vintage related events this month all around the world! I wish I could attend all of them, but unfortunately I still have to stay here, back to my babysitter work and still in need of a holiday...

I'll be sure to write about my favorites parties&Co. in the coming days and weeks and if you're planning to attend them please let me know so I could live vicariously through your tales!!!

If you'll be in London on Saturday 12th September and you're passionate about the 30s, you can't miss the very first trip of the SS Atlantica and for 15£ you'll can revive the glamour of an authentic cruise liner of 1931.

The event, that will take place in St. Katherine Docks, will recreate a real luxurious ballroom of yesteryears with curving balustrades and portholes encircle an immense dance floor, lined by round tables dressed with pristine white tablecloths and two bars serving Classic Cocktails and Champagne.

There will be classic 30s entertainments, deck games, bridge, but also a Casino onboard and a silent cinema that will show old movies. And of course there will be the dance floor and lots of music with Big Bands, live jazz and Cabaret acts.

My favorite part is about the dress code, which is "At-Sea Formalwear". Gentlemen should emulate the starched collar and immaculate dinner suit of an Agatha Christie villain and ladies can take their inspiration from the silk and fur ensembles worn by stars of the silver screen.

Really, if you're in London, you can't miss this!!

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PinkBow ha detto...

oh i love these images, remind me of an agatha christie era

Anonimo ha detto...

I'm just catching up on all your brilliant posts that I missed while sorting out the move - I've really missed reading them!

Love these images - I love that classic style

Polly x

Jessica Cangiano ha detto...

How wonderfully delightful! I would adore a chance to attend such an event. Can't wait to see what other amazing vintage themed parties you're going to blog about!

Thank you deeply for your wonderfully kind comments, honey! I hope you're having a marvelous weekend!
♥ Jessica

Toosdai ha detto...

oh goodness i LOVE london. when i was living there, i attended a rockabilly tea party in the basement of a hotel with a movie theatre and a bowling alley. it was all cat-eyes and pompadours. i met a boy with a book of artist interviews in his back pocket who couldn't dance. i'll remember that evening forever.

Vanessa Jackman (Street+Style = StreetStyle) ha detto...

Oh dear, I missed this :((( I am going to google it now to see if I can see what went on.