martedì 15 settembre 2009


Another thing you can't miss if you're in England this weekend is the marvellous Goodwood Revival .

You probably already know what I'm talking about, but just in case the Goodwood Revival is the world’s most popular historic motor race meeting and the only event of its kind to be staged in the romantic time capsule of the Fifties and Sixties. As well as recreating the golden era of motor sport, the Revival offers exceptional wheel-to-wheel racing around a classic circuit, untouched by the modern world.

Each year, for three days, the circuit stages a historic race meeting for the kind of cars and motorcycles that would have competed at Goodwood during 1948-1966.

Like in a real time capsule, everything is unchanged from the period so everything is time appropriate: people wear the right clothes and there's even a celebration of the aviation heritage with a selection of pre-1966 aircrafts!

You really can meet every kind of actors characters from "spivs" selling nylons and watches from beneath their coats, to Mods and Rockers hanging out and dancing, from Army officers to...Marylin Monroe!

Photos: 2-3-12 courtesy of Dazecoop ; 4-5-9 courtesy of iChauffeur ; all the others are from Goodwood Revival website .

Here's a video of the past edition...

18-19-20 September, Chichester, West Sussex, UK: save the date!!!

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Anonimo ha detto...

Wow I've always wanted to go to Goodwood but seeing these pictures makes me want to go even more now! We actually live in Sussex really close so I don't have an excuse not to go really!

Polly x

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Cafe Fashionista ha detto...

Oh, I have never heard of Goodwood, but now I'm obsessed. These pictures are fabulous! :)

Jessica Cangiano ha detto...

How fabulous! I like the mishmash of decades going on. It's fun to see fans of different eras come together out of a mutual love for the past.

Wishing you a gorgeous Wednesday - big hugs!
♥ Jessica

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Ci sono delle macchine eccessionali in questo video!

PinkBow ha detto...

oh, i only wish i lived closer!