giovedì 28 febbraio 2008

The Good And The Bad.

I had a bad cold in the last two days and today I'm still feeling so bad. I can't eat anything except fruits and vegetables (and my mom made a gorgeous cake yesterday...sigh!), so at least I'll look good in leggings and skinny pants *LOL*

We had awful weather too, a deep fog for 4 days. Spring seems to be so far...
This is how the world outside my window looked like:

Fascinating for a while but, seriously, 4 days...!!!

But luckily I also have great news: I won the Ebay auction for these shoes

Yay! They should be with me soon, so I'll post more pictures.

martedì 26 febbraio 2008

This Is Not A Movie.

Everytime a tv series you love (and you know, I'm an addicted...) comes to an end it's a bittersweet pain. The end of an era. It's not a movie, not a "one night stand", a 2 hours flirt, this is true love! It's all about time, here.
A movie could have a sequel, a series has nothing more than a farewell. You watch your beloved characters, their lives season after season knowing they (and you too...) will NEED a conclusion one day but at the same time you try to forget it. And when the end comes, it must be perfect. When a series becomes a myth you need a perfect goodbye to make it real forever.

Like millions of girls around the world, I hearted Sex & The City. We all need a fairytale sometimes and SATC was, and still is, a perfect one for me.
They shot three different, alternative endings (here, here and here), and then they chosen the love. Even if I can be cynical sometimes and not always I believe in happy endings, I was pleased of it.

Now, maybe I'm the only one, I'm not excited at all about the movie. I'm scared. And everytime a new trailer is released (I tried not to watch the new, full-lenght one, but I can't...) I feel strange, a bit depressed in a certain way, even if I don't know exactly why. I don't have any kind of expectations, I'll probably like the outfits (huge budget + 2 hours length = infinite possibilities...), maybe the "new Cinderella" story too - who knows it? - but the point is this movie is a sort of betrayal for me.
After four years of abstinence, I'm not sure I need a 2 hours flirt. I'm not sure I need to make the myth real. Not again at least...

sabato 23 febbraio 2008


Some years ago, a japanese friend tried to teach me the art of Origami. Just the basic designs. I think I still remember how to make a crane,

but apart from that I can't remember anything else...
I begin folding paper and in a few moments I'm lost!

I'm always impressed by the variety of things certain artists can built with a sheet of paper. It's a fabulous world!

Fashion too often looked at japanese arts as inspirations. It's a fact. Origami and Kirigami - another japanese paper art, really similar to Origami, except here you fold and CUT paper - inspired pieces are everywhere.
Manipulation of paper and fabrics are not so different, the Origami/Kirigami techniques work wonderfully on both of them.
There are tons of examples. Take a look at the great contemporary textiles of Anne Kyyro Quinn, at her wonderful cushions, and you'll have an idea.

High Fashion too is largely influenced by these art forms. Looking at this season and at F/W '08-'09 collections, the trend seems to be totally confirmed, more than ever.
Laser cut and folds give birth to three dimensional shapes; the surface change according to an "architectural" approch to fabrics and elements and the results are usually eye-catching yet extremely elegants.



Bottega Veneta

Proenza Schouler



The "winged shoes", Prada F/W 2008-2009.

All photos courtesy

giovedì 21 febbraio 2008

And The Oscar Goes To...

Are you ready for the Oscar Red Carpet?
And after (or before...?) the comments on the ceremony, the comments on the winners, all the "why He/She/It won?" etc., are you ready for all the "She looked gorgeous in that Bottega Veneta"..."Oh boy, she was awful"...the makeup...the hairstyle...?

I'm not so excited, but I admit every year I look at the runway just to see "who was wearing what".

If The Academy Awards are all about clothes, even designers have great expectations and some of them, asked by, created their dream dresses for the red carpet ladies.
Look at the pictures below to see what their dreams are made from...

Doo.Ri / Laura Linney

Rodarte / Saoirse Ronan

Richard Tai / Tilda Swinton

Costello Tagliapietra / Amy Ryan

Peter Som / Cate Blanchett

All pictures courtesy
Click here to read the whole story.

mercoledì 20 febbraio 2008

It's A Blogs World.

I have to admit the greatest part of my online readings are in English. Some French, some stylish Swedish blog (well, I look at the pictures on the Swedish ones ...) and a few others different languages. El Fashionista is a Spanish blog I like a lot. I can't speak Spanish too, but for an italian understanding it is no too difficult and by the way, El Fashionista is often wrote in English too. ...Or at least you can check it using imagination :-)
Besides the always good entries about what happens into the fashion universe and interviews with designers, there is a really popular section called Mi Estilo (My Style). Every Wednesday, Mer, the blog owner, features a girl from somewhere in the world and tell us a little about her, her style etc. Plus - and this is what I adore - she makes wonderful collages using these girl's pictures.

Last month I was featured too, and I love the collage Mer made with my photos :-)

I never thought of me or my style as inspiring (so thank you Mer for choosing me!), but some of the others featured girls definitely are.

Today is Wednesday and I can't wait for the new post!

PS: click on the pictures for a better view :-)

domenica 17 febbraio 2008

Oops, I thought once again...

In these days I read several posts about blogging and I questioned myself too. Sometimes I think I'm here writing only about silly, frivoulous things, and probably it's true! Despite my far from perfect English, I never thought I could write this blog in a different language, even if maybe if I wrote them in italian, my posts could be a bit more interesting, clever, smart... At least a little bit longer and articulated!
I'm into the blogosphere only from last October and I know I'm here for fun. Not here to tell you about my personal life: I'm a 27 years old girl...a little bit too old for the "Dear Diary"... Also, I'm not here to show people how great is my style or how great are things I do. I'm not a fashion guru and I don't think at all I'm the greatest jewelry designer.
What I know for sure is there are tons of good blogs everywhere and I try to read my favorites - both "big guns" and "newly born" - everyday. There's more to live than a blog, but after a working day, after personal issues and everyday life I love that single moment when I seat in front of my pc and I read a good entry seeing beautiful pictures. It's relaxing. It's what I need, nothing too complicated.

That's the point, I hope people arriving here, in this pink silly place, could just spend a nice moment reading the silly posts this silly girl keeps writing!

Blooming flowers

It seems flowers are blooming everywhere and I'm really pleased.
Last week I had a look at J. Crew website. And this dress is one of my new favorites.

Having a differrent budget... All of Derercuny collection was love at first sight for me. These dresses are really made for fairies...

I always liked flower prints and I'm totally on the floral bandwagon, with tons of blooming dresses and skirts and accessories (even shoes).
Today I was thinking if I had to choose only two items of them from my closet, they surely will be the following.

First of all my fabric flowers (ok, I know they're not properly one single item, but sometimes is nice to break your own rules!).
I didn't wore them for awhile, but now again, thinking of Carrie Bradshaw I'm clipping them everywhere...they really can make an entire outfit.

Vogue Italy, Feb 2008

Then, the skirt below. One of my favorite purchases ever. I bought it at least 8 years ago in a vintage market; I immediatly loved the big, colorful '70s print. This skirt walked with me through the years...I think I've paired it with everything and sometimes I like wearing it as a dress.

mercoledì 13 febbraio 2008

Springtime, Springtime!

I'm currently living in a small extremely lazy town and sometimes this is really boring, expecially in winter. Nothing to do, no cultural events, etc.

Talking about shopping, sales will go on until March and the stores, with their bad semi-empty windows, are awful in this period. No H&M or Zara with their always new stuff. Warm days and a general, positive "spring mood" are needed, I need new air and I can't wait another month for seeing something new!!!

This afternoon totally by chance, I had a look at the windows of a store near home and I saw they fnally started stocking new stuff... Brightly colored, light and fun clothes and was like a dream!
Then I saw it. It was the adorable bag. Patent, electric blue, oversized...mine!

I tried it on with little dresses and in just a minute I forgot the winter mood :-)

venerdì 8 febbraio 2008

Street Style/Country Mood

I was 16 when I glanced through the pages of a japanese fashion magazine for the first time. And I loved it.
During these years I collected several different magazine and I tried to decide wich one is my favorite. Well, even if I like a lot most of them since last year the winner seems to be Kansai Girl's Style Exp.. A lot of street style, nice photos,nice items and hairdo too.

Some pictures from past issues...

And leaving streets for country, I cannot stop looking at the wonderful photos by Steven Meisel for the new issue of Vogue Italy.
The Poetic Way...

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008

The Perfect Shoes

On sunny days the spring seems not so far away and looking at all the pictures from the NYC Fashion Week (I don't mind if that will be next fall/winter style, I want all NOW!) and from this spring/summer collections, I can't help to make new wish lists...

Besides the always-on-top-of-my-list full skirt dresses, this year what I'm searching for is the perfect pair of shoes. I know it will probably be a difficult research as these "perfect shoes" are on the list, unsuccessfully, since two years ago, by the way this time I'm really motivated so I'll try again!

I heart flat shoes, ballerinas and all those little cute stuff, but for the upcoming season I'm searching for something "stronger".
They MUST be black, a little fetish - but not necessarily patent - and as I'm not that great walking up and down with high heels, I'd like something with a wedge or a large heel.

Actually I found them...on the catwalks...but Marni (wich is one of my favorite designer as well) and Chloé are a little beyond my real budget...
I need to find an affordable version of these:



I need your help stylish girls! Any idea on where I could find something similar...?
Thank you, any advice will be greatly appreciate :-)

lunedì 4 febbraio 2008

Mixed Plates

I spent the weekend miniature food.
This time no miniature cakes, but a lot of tea cookies (I'm also working on new styles), a breakfast mixed plate, a cherry pie and even a whole turkey ;-)
The pendant with the chocolate bowl, the cookies, the chocolate dipped strawberry and the Betty Crocker miniature book (!) is my favorite piece.

And I even made some "healthy" pieces...fruits and vegetables in mini baskets.
These will be pendants:

Now I really have to learn a good technique for making miniature fake jelly, I'd love a "jelly jewelry" cllection :-)

All these pieces will be soon available in my store

And talking about real food, today I made a cinnamom orange pudding using the best molds ever...
Ta-da...Il Buddino:

These beautiful laughing Buddha shaped pudding molds are fabulous, every time I use them the results are amazing, great presentations! They are single serving sized and come in a set of 4 (and in 4 different colors: pink, light green, orange and brown). You can order Il Buddino directly from this website where you'll also find good recipes!