mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008

The Perfect Shoes

On sunny days the spring seems not so far away and looking at all the pictures from the NYC Fashion Week (I don't mind if that will be next fall/winter style, I want all NOW!) and from this spring/summer collections, I can't help to make new wish lists...

Besides the always-on-top-of-my-list full skirt dresses, this year what I'm searching for is the perfect pair of shoes. I know it will probably be a difficult research as these "perfect shoes" are on the list, unsuccessfully, since two years ago, by the way this time I'm really motivated so I'll try again!

I heart flat shoes, ballerinas and all those little cute stuff, but for the upcoming season I'm searching for something "stronger".
They MUST be black, a little fetish - but not necessarily patent - and as I'm not that great walking up and down with high heels, I'd like something with a wedge or a large heel.

Actually I found them...on the catwalks...but Marni (wich is one of my favorite designer as well) and Chloé are a little beyond my real budget...
I need to find an affordable version of these:



I need your help stylish girls! Any idea on where I could find something similar...?
Thank you, any advice will be greatly appreciate :-)

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punky ha detto...

I found the best prices at
They were all half off what everyone else was asking.

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Thank you Punky! I had a look at - wow, they have tons of shoes! Unfortunately they do not ship outside the US and I'm in stressful :-(

Rachel ha detto...

OH WOW those shoes are heaven!!!

ChiliLady ha detto...

i can't help you, so sorry!

but your blog is awesomeness!

Jello on Springs ha detto...

These from Aldo are really nice, but they're still $100, which might be too much?

AlicePleasance ha detto...

jello on springs: thank you! They're very nice (although I'm not too sure about the wooden heel) and for the perfect shoes I can afford 100$! Sadly they do not ship to Italy's a pain!!!!

the childcatcher ha detto...

i would kill for those marni's!!

glasfaden ha detto...

Woww! What lovely shoes! But I can't help you though - sorry!