sabato 23 febbraio 2008


Some years ago, a japanese friend tried to teach me the art of Origami. Just the basic designs. I think I still remember how to make a crane,

but apart from that I can't remember anything else...
I begin folding paper and in a few moments I'm lost!

I'm always impressed by the variety of things certain artists can built with a sheet of paper. It's a fabulous world!

Fashion too often looked at japanese arts as inspirations. It's a fact. Origami and Kirigami - another japanese paper art, really similar to Origami, except here you fold and CUT paper - inspired pieces are everywhere.
Manipulation of paper and fabrics are not so different, the Origami/Kirigami techniques work wonderfully on both of them.
There are tons of examples. Take a look at the great contemporary textiles of Anne Kyyro Quinn, at her wonderful cushions, and you'll have an idea.

High Fashion too is largely influenced by these art forms. Looking at this season and at F/W '08-'09 collections, the trend seems to be totally confirmed, more than ever.
Laser cut and folds give birth to three dimensional shapes; the surface change according to an "architectural" approch to fabrics and elements and the results are usually eye-catching yet extremely elegants.



Bottega Veneta

Proenza Schouler



The "winged shoes", Prada F/W 2008-2009.

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Marie-Kristine ha detto...

when i was younger, i used to be obsessed with origami! it's nice to know it's getting its time in the spotlight.

Mikiye Creations ha detto...

...I'm not sure if I am feeling the shoes though...

Jello on Springs ha detto...

I too loved origami when I was younger but never had the patience to learn all the different folds involved. It's quite amazing how they're incorporating it into clothing.

dreamecho ha detto...

i love origami in fashion...the derercuny and marni dresses are gorgeous.

Libertygirl ha detto...

It's wonderful to see such intricate designs on the catwalks. LLG xx

Iheartfashion ha detto...

Beautiful! I love the Marni and Proenza dresses!

Fruchtzwerg ha detto...

very cool post. I love the origami elements in fashion.

glasfaden ha detto...

Amazing designs!!