lunedì 4 febbraio 2008

Mixed Plates

I spent the weekend miniature food.
This time no miniature cakes, but a lot of tea cookies (I'm also working on new styles), a breakfast mixed plate, a cherry pie and even a whole turkey ;-)
The pendant with the chocolate bowl, the cookies, the chocolate dipped strawberry and the Betty Crocker miniature book (!) is my favorite piece.

And I even made some "healthy" pieces...fruits and vegetables in mini baskets.
These will be pendants:

Now I really have to learn a good technique for making miniature fake jelly, I'd love a "jelly jewelry" cllection :-)

All these pieces will be soon available in my store

And talking about real food, today I made a cinnamom orange pudding using the best molds ever...
Ta-da...Il Buddino:

These beautiful laughing Buddha shaped pudding molds are fabulous, every time I use them the results are amazing, great presentations! They are single serving sized and come in a set of 4 (and in 4 different colors: pink, light green, orange and brown). You can order Il Buddino directly from this website where you'll also find good recipes!

8 commenti:

Heather ha detto...

Buddha pudding!

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

I could eat those up. The pudding Buddha is priceless. Thanks, I like my hair color too--unfortunately it's not natural. boo

Ranna ha detto...

Lovely, especially the first piece and the one with the little cherry pie.
..Oh, these really made me crave some chocholate cake! :)

Mer ha detto...

Oh my god!!!!!!

they are so perfect!!!

Nina ha detto...

Do you make these? Is it jewellerys?

They are amazing!

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Thank you Nina!
Yes, I make them and they're jewelry :-)
You can see more in my Etsy store:

Dot Went Shopping ha detto...

Alicepleasance, I was a bit confused at first, I thought you were making turkey-and-vegetable shaped cupcakes! (I know, I know, how stupid of me right? haha!)... When I realized they were jewelry... I just drooled. THEY ARE SO YUMMY AND CUTE and very unique!! Do you ship to the Philippines??

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ dot went shopping: sure, I ship worldwide! And I'll have a major update on my Etsy store around March 15th :-)