mercoledì 20 febbraio 2008

It's A Blogs World.

I have to admit the greatest part of my online readings are in English. Some French, some stylish Swedish blog (well, I look at the pictures on the Swedish ones ...) and a few others different languages. El Fashionista is a Spanish blog I like a lot. I can't speak Spanish too, but for an italian understanding it is no too difficult and by the way, El Fashionista is often wrote in English too. ...Or at least you can check it using imagination :-)
Besides the always good entries about what happens into the fashion universe and interviews with designers, there is a really popular section called Mi Estilo (My Style). Every Wednesday, Mer, the blog owner, features a girl from somewhere in the world and tell us a little about her, her style etc. Plus - and this is what I adore - she makes wonderful collages using these girl's pictures.

Last month I was featured too, and I love the collage Mer made with my photos :-)

I never thought of me or my style as inspiring (so thank you Mer for choosing me!), but some of the others featured girls definitely are.

Today is Wednesday and I can't wait for the new post!

PS: click on the pictures for a better view :-)

10 commenti:

Mer ha detto...

wow Anna! thank you so much! I´m honored! :-)

the_kitten ha detto...

oh ur too cute!!

andreia matos ha detto...


where is your big pink coat from?


enc ha detto...

How lovely!

Yes, WHERE is your big pink coat from?

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ mer: you're welcome!

@ the_kitten: oh ur too sweet!!!

@ andreia matos / enc: the pink coat is from PINKO :-)

tyjen ha detto...

you have great style!

WendyB ha detto...

Good for you!

andreia matos ha detto...

ohhh.. thank you very much for the answer.


Mikiye Creations ha detto...

ha HA!

dreamecho ha detto...

congrats on getting selected! you are so adorable...and you have wonderful style.