domenica 30 maggio 2010

Class Of 1999

I'm totally not one of those people who miss highschool years or is too nostalgic about them. Don't get me wrong, it was not a bad time, but in a certain way I was so relieved when school ended! I had to get up every morning at six o'clock and I guess this was the worst point for me...

One of the things I've always missed though, are yearbooks. Cheesy, trashy, say what you want about them, but is so frustrating when you realize you don't own more than 3/4 pics of you and your classmates together(this could be a great thing, looking at your hairstyle/outfits, but again...).

Even if I doubt a real yearbook could look so good, here's one of my favorite editorial ever (it's weird I didn't post it before!!), by Paolo Roversi, it was originally published in a 2006 issue of Vogue Uk...

mercoledì 19 maggio 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

We're having a really weird Spring this year. May is usually my favorite month, but this time it rains a lot and while I'm here, sadly listening to the thunders and waiting for another storm, I think the only thing that could cheer me up and make me appreciate the weather would be something like this

or this

or this!

And if - fingers crossed - we'll ever have some hot sunny day this Summer a parasol like one of these below would be perfect as well!

All from Brollies Galore: take a look, they carry an impressive selection!!!

sabato 15 maggio 2010

Doppio Sogno

Considering David Lynch is one of my favorite directors, I was anxiously waiting for the third chapter of the Lady Dior saga, Lady Blue. Considering in my opinion Lynch is passing through his personal midlife - new age filled - crisis, I was a bit afraid of the results.

But I actually know no one like him is able to represent subtle and universal fears in a mesmerizing way*, even in commercials and not merely artistic products, so...

It's been 20 years since Twin Peaks and almost 10 since Mulholland Drive and now Lynch hits Shanghai, one of the darkest and most fascinating cities in the world and after Naomi Watts, Laura Dern and all the others great Lynch's ladies, it's time for Marion Cotillard to be "in trouble".

In Mulholland Drive there was that mysterious blue box, in Lady Blue there's a mysterious Lady Dior handbag someone left in Marion's hotel room...

Devote 12 of your minutes to the short movie below and you will be rewarded.

* I also strongly believe Lynch has the best hairstyle in Hollywood, but well, that's another story ;-)

venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Chloe/Sioux/ East Village/ Milano

Though I think Lonely Planet are the best, coolest and fun travel guides, I'm crazy for indie ones, hot spots lists, and all this sort of things. I even have a file folder on my pc called "their map of the world" where I keep all the best ones I find online.

And now I have something new to add: a video guide of New York - East Village with Chloe Sevigny

BUST Magazine

and the really useful tips of the lovely Sioux about Milano. Read them here in Italian and here for the English translation and keep in mind these will be a regular feature on her blog, so check back. I'm already craving for more!!

lunedì 10 maggio 2010

Flashback Friday With The Clothes Horse

Lovely Rebecca, aka The Clothes Horse is posting a series of pretty amazing features on her blog: each Friday she takes us back in time, showing pictures of fellow bloggers, now and when they were little .

Here's The Clothes Horse herself, doesn't she was a real doll?

If you'd like to participate in a "flashback friday" as well, shoot Rebecca an e-mail at with a picture from childhood and a current photo. You can also help keep "Flashback Friday" alive by mentioning it on your blog/twitter/tumblr.

giovedì 6 maggio 2010

Important Artifacts And Personal Property From The Collection Of Evelina Levi Broglio

I've never been to a real auction but expecially after reading (and loving, oh how much I loved that little thing!) this book I'm pretty obsessed. And when I heard the whole wardrobe of one of the most interesting and beautiful italian jet set lady will be auctioned by Il Ponte I almost screamed.

Bright blue eyes, fierce and effortlessy chic, Evelina Levi Broglio passed away a couple years ago after a novel-like life spent traveling around the world. Her friends included all the most important designers - Christiam Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace, Gianfranco Ferrè, Raffaella Curiel, who created one of a kind dreams just for her.

More than simple clothes and accessories, every single piece from her collection has for sure a story to tell.

So, if you're in Milano these days, you can't miss the event: all the wonderful pieces from Evelina Levi Broglio's wardrobe will be showcased from 7th to 9th May in Palazzo Crivelli, Via Pontaccio 12. Then, from 11th to 13th May the amazing lots (there are over 1000!) will be all sold by auction in the same location.

Not in Milan, but in the mood for dreaming? Fear not, you can have a look at the catalogue here.

martedì 4 maggio 2010

Down With Love

It's official: with the summer approching, I'm desperately waiting for the new season of Mad Men. I can't wait a minute more! I must know what will happen, without saying this season will probably mark a turning point in fashion too, as we're going to the Mod years and the perfection of American Dream is rapidly fading away...

So, yesterday I spent the afternoon rewatching some retro movies I had not watched for a while. And one of them was Down With Love, definitely not a perfect film, but a fun comedy (and costumes and sets are pretty fun as well!), a mix of tribute/parody of the '60s movies with Rock Hudson and Doris Day, like Pillow Talk.

The story begins when Barbara Novack (Renée Zellweger) come to New York City (the 1962 New York City...) to present her book, Down With Love, in which she declares women too are free to live, focus on career and play with sex as a man would do.
As the book become a sensation, ruining men's lives, Catcher Block (Ewan McGregor), a charming magazine writer and notorious ladies' man is determined to destroy Novack reputation of role model, proving she can fall in love as any other woman, so it goes undercover and act like a perfect gentleman in order to seduce her...

If you haven't watched it yet, after seeing the screenshots below (click to enlarge them!) I bet you'll want to!

Screenshots from here.