venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Chloe/Sioux/ East Village/ Milano

Though I think Lonely Planet are the best, coolest and fun travel guides, I'm crazy for indie ones, hot spots lists, and all this sort of things. I even have a file folder on my pc called "their map of the world" where I keep all the best ones I find online.

And now I have something new to add: a video guide of New York - East Village with Chloe Sevigny

BUST Magazine

and the really useful tips of the lovely Sioux about Milano. Read them here in Italian and here for the English translation and keep in mind these will be a regular feature on her blog, so check back. I'm already craving for more!!

3 commenti:

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Anch'io mi sto salvando i post di Sioux su Milano!
A proposito di guide, anche il Routard è ottimo (un po' meno per la Francia che per il resto del mondo purtroppo).

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Darling!

It's been a while since I did any blogging but now I am back and wanted to say hello!

Love your flashback picture of you as a little thing - so so cute!

And of course I love Chloe - she's awesome

Looking forward to catching up!

Polly x

sioux ha detto...

ciao dolcissima cupcake! un super grazie per la citazione al mio blog, caspita l'ho scoperto solo casualmente che ne avevi parlato....sei gentilissima e sono onorata! queste sono le piccole/grandi cose per cui vale la pena vivere!