venerdì 31 ottobre 2008

Animal Children

I'm in love with the "Bestia Parvulus" photographs series by the canadian photographer Pamela Klaffke (prints available here.)

Aren't they a perfect inspiration for Halloween costumes too? A good outfit and an animal mask like those ones are the perfect compromise if you want a 50% charming, 50% creepy effect. Imagine a brigade of these little girls in a deserted street or a park after dark...brrrrrr....great!

I should definitely buy a rabbit mask like that one!

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carre ha detto...

awesome pictures! lovely!

Anonimo ha detto...

I'm in love too!!

Vain and Vapid ha detto...

These are really cool and remind me a bit of the photo shoot in Erin Wasson's apt with those same kind of masks.

Happy Halloween!

La Clocharde ha detto...

Oh, I love these!
They are a bit creepy, a bit disturbing, but as you say, in a strange charming way...and I like that kind of creepiness so much!

I also thought, as Vain and Vapid, about Erin Wasson's masks! They catched my attention from the first time when I saw the pics, and I think there's actually a photo of Erin wearing one of them.


The Clothes Horse ha detto...

These are amazing. I love the photos and the outfits quite seperately. I would adore a mask like those!

Anonimo ha detto...

oo cool, but slightly creepy too

Plastic Choko ha detto...