venerdì 17 ottobre 2008

Follow Me On Bloglovin

I'm probably the last one, but I just joined Bloglovin', the the fashion oriented blog-reader that makes so easy to follow the incredible amount of wonderful blogs that are on my daily reads.
Subscribe to your favorite blogs in just one click and you'll get notified each time a new post is published. Seriously, it's so easy and not at all "boring" (you wont get a million different emails per day!)

Be sure to add The Cupcake Diary to your Bloglovin' list, just click on the icon below(or on the one in the side bar, same thing).

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

che ridere ti stavo giusto per aggiungere!

Rachel C. ha detto...

you're not the last one - i am!

i've yet to sign up and keep meaning to, but always forget.