martedì 3 giugno 2008

And The Sugar On Top

Food and fashion are two of my favorite things in life, you know. And everytime I can mix them, well, I do it! I literally adore to look at brightly colored cakes, cookies and all sort of treats (although I never eat anything to "bold", but this is another story...!).

If shopping and chocolate are the cure of (almost) all sadness and if you dream about designer bags and Manolos but you can't afford them, you can still indulge in the fab little pieces below...

My favorites, from Eleni's NY, a new series each new season of course!

(picture above courtesy Heartdisk)

From The Flour Pot Cookies

And last but not least, for every Cinderella at heart, life size chocolate pumps and mules from Gayle's Chocolate

Aren't they great?

But for a guilt and cal free pleasure you can always go as a me.
I adore those full poofy 50s dresses and a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win the auction for this dress

I ended paying only 9.99$ for it. Less than a designer handbag, but also less than a designer handbags cookie set ;-)

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selinaoolala ha detto...

what a beautiful dress! your waist is so tiny

nv ha detto...

those cookies are so adorable!

annah ha detto...

you might like this blogger's illustrations- they're based around food at the moment!

i love the dress, and the belt! and your hair! wonderful.

Sam ha detto...

love the dress!!
and the cookies look delicious. my mom has a cookie business, so they remind me of those! =]

Poster Girl ha detto...

The cookies are almost too beautiful to eat, yum!

Anonimo ha detto...

I am SO jealous of your waist! You are SO working that dress!
Wanna trade links?

Anonimo ha detto...

oh wow, these accessories look so yummy!!!^^ - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris ha detto...

hi hi from Paris

what delicious cakes and dress you have !

as a street style photograph used to meet thousand people, i do appreciate

may be you'll like my street style photo romances in Paris
if not, i kill myself ! lol

and by the way, i met Sarah jessica Parker in Paris and... yes yes, the photos are online, as if you were there !

have a wonderful day !

ps : i hop i won't have to kill myself, because my mother love me. lol

street style romancer in Paris

ruby may ha detto...

Your blog is sooo delicious just like those little biscuits! I would never be able to eat them, they could just sit on a nice plate in my kitchen for years and years! xxx

ChiliLady ha detto...

i wouldn't eat those cookies, they look too pretty^^

She's Dressing Up ha detto...

The cookies look so yummy! And your dress is beautiful

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

How delightful and delicious looking! You dress however is truly the icing on the cake!

Meg ha detto...

Those are so sweet, almost too good to eat. Almost!
Your dress is lovely, I'm never that girl who finds gorgeous dresses for a bargain on eBay, so i am thoroughly jealous! =)

Vain and Vapid ha detto...

Love the dress, I love finding eBay treasures like that. The cookies look both super cute and super delicious.

design for mankind. ha detto...

Those cookies are so cute! And what a dress! :)

Sharon Rose ha detto...

You look soo lovely in this dress-so stylish and a good bargain too!

Times of Glory ha detto...

Darling, it must be one of the pretties posts ever! You look gorgeous - a real Snow White :)

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Thanks everyone!

@ selinaoolala: actually my waist is often way too large for this kind of dresses, I could wear a 23" at the most but I found great pieces in a scary 20" waist !!!

@ annah: thank you! I didn't know the blog and it's really nice :-)
I should study a new hairstyle but I'm lazy in these day!

@ sam: now I understand why your birthday cake was so beautiful! You're so lucky!

@ lianne camille: sure, I added you :-)

@ oh, my, you don't have to kill yourself of course. Life, summer and your blog are beautiful!

@ ruby may, chililady: I would never be able to eat them too, they're too colorful for my stomach!!!

@ meg: well, I'm a constant ebayer ;-)

@ times of glory: a lot of people use to call me Snow White and I like it a lot, so thank you :-) !!!

colorcast ha detto...


Pocahondas ha detto...

You are very nice! The dress is beautiful! I like your style very much!