domenica 13 gennaio 2008

Lost And Found

From October to March and beyond, my hands are cold as ice cream (and feet were too, before UGG boots). Yesterday, don't know exactly how and where, I lost a glove. One of my beloved old-and-ugly black gloves. The ones really awful but sooo warm almost everyone has, the ones that saved me from Winter in the last three years...we were long time friends!
In a few words, yesterday was a mournful day for my poor delicate hands.

Then 2 things happened:

1. I discovered this website, One Cold Hand
and now I wish I've lost my glove in Pittsburgh...

2. I'm finally enjoyng these Oh-So-Cute little friends that slept in my wardrobe for awhile. Not too warm, but too pretty!

Finally, I went to the movie watching I Am Legend.
My post-post-everything NYC!
Not too bad wearing summer dresses in Winter...

10 commenti:

Sanna ha detto...

Yup, you're right: those gloves are way too pretty. I think that's the most adorable pair I have seen in a long, long time.

glasfaden ha detto...

And pretty dress too!

N ha detto...

Gorgeous outfit!

lalaliu ha detto...

i LOVE those gloves. It makes me want to shake your hand. and another wonderful outfit as well :)

Watchreporter ha detto...


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WendyB ha detto...

Very pretty gloves indeed.

saray ha detto...

adore the gloves!

Mikiye Creations ha detto...

Ah HA!

LOVE the gloves!


Hee hee!
Gotta love being able to wear a dress in winter!

Ranna ha detto...

Those gloves are delicious!
I'm in love.

La gamine ha detto...

Saluut! J'ai lu ton commentaire sur mon blog! Merci!
Dis, comment tu la découvert mon blog? Juste par curiosité!

Bisouus :)

Ps: tu es italienne? si oui moi aussi! :)