martedì 16 marzo 2010

Not For Tourists Roma

So I'm back from this marvellous, relaxing (very long) weekend in Roma that involved sunbathing in Villa Borghese, to die for wine tasting, good and not so good movies - dear Atom (Egoyan), what's happening to you?! - sushi eating on a lovely roof terrace and lot of shopping. I already miss all of that!

I'll write more about purchases and nice stores in another post, here I want to show some crazy and fun pictures I took in the city. Definitely a not for tourists view...


Do not place anything on top of this box...

The boxes are empty. All the bulbs are broken.

Warning. Questionable but realistic gift packages that exalt the contents.

2 commenti:

Greetz from Tiz ha detto...

la prima è meravigliosa!
sei stata bene a roma?é sempre bella mi sono divertita cosi tanto, non vedo l'ora di tornarci!!

Iole ha detto...

il primo è meraviglioso