sabato 29 dicembre 2007

On Polyvore.

It' weird that I haven't wrote anything about Polyvore's probably the most addictive website on the internet. Really: it's insane! I haven't spent too much time on it recently, so maybe I forget and postponed to write this post, but today I read Tricia Royal's post on Bits&Bobbins and now I feel my Polyvore addiction is here, still alive!

I love collages - from the ones made with paper/scissors/glue to the Photoshop stuff - and most of all I always loved paper dolls...dressing/undressing/re-dressing those wonderful paper mannequins with wonderful clothing and accessories...
Polyvore works right this way, but it's much much more than this: you can make wonderful ensembles with almost ANY image you find on the internet!!
The thing I really like is that you can play with fashion, using marvellous dresses, shoes, bags, anything you can think about...having a never ending (virtual) wardrobe for free!
When dreams come true...

I Spy

Gimme The Colors!

My African Diary

You can find me and my sets here
Anyone else on there?

PS: I had no time in these days to upload the pictures of my Christmas gift boxed presents...sorry, they will come soon ;-)

2 commenti:

heather ha detto...

I would have clean laundry and a clean home if it weren't for this site. polyvore is the bees knees

Candid Cool ha detto...

i do love me some polyvore