domenica 23 dicembre 2007

My Christmas days

Christmas is here and I still have to finish my Christmas presents...!
I worked every day all day long last week, having really no time for me and being too tired to be creative. Tomorrow will be the "gift boxing day". I would try something original...will see, I'll take some photos sharing the results with you!

This year I took the Handmade Pledge (more than 10000 people took it too, yay! Read the New York Times article here), so my presents will be all handcrafted. And, wow, this is really fun! I supported others indie designers too, buying wonderful items from them and I'm sure all these gifts will be really appreciated ;-)
I'll post the pictures soon after Christmas!

I'm also proud of my little Christmas tree

this "snow balls angel" and the colorful felt garlands are my new favorite ornaments :-)

I'll be back tomorrow with Christmas Carols and candy canes for everybody!

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WendyB ha detto...

The tree is so cute.