domenica 21 ottobre 2007

New York Anniversary

Sweet melancholy...
Exactly twelve months ago, I was leaving for New York. One year seems one month, at the most. Maybe because after that, I stayed every single day (except for a weekend in Roma) in my place, so I have not so much to remember this year!

So, here we are, today, with our anniversary. I can't stop watching all the photos we took, - slide shows and meaningful songs that change according to the current mood - and I can't forget how cold was in the City!

A couple of days ago, I read a post about Post Secret on The Happy Hippie blog. I knew about Frank Warren's idea since long time ago so I'm really glad Aarika wrote something about. I always loved that mix of secrets/art project/unexpected mail that Post Secret is and I regularly check the blog.

Some days ago I found this website, in a certain way it reminds me about Post Secret and I fell in love again, this time with the mix of singular experiences/literary project/places. The purpose of Hitotoki (a japanese word used to describe any brief, singular stretch of time), is to collect online single stories about a specific moment in a specific place, a city, worldwide. For now there are a Hitotoki New York and a Hitotoki Tokyo, but I really hope that more cities will be added one day.

I think the pictures below are my New York story. For now, at least :-)

Great Sky.

I'm Waiting.

Prince Street Colors.

Miss Park Avenue.

Panoramic City.

3 commenti:

Craig ha detto...

Beautiful Photos!

Please consider submitting a Hitotoki if the mood strikes.


AlicePleasance ha detto...

Thank you Craig!

I already submitted a little thing, I sent the mail a couple of days ago...


Anonimo ha detto...

thanks so much for your entry! these are so great :)
the flickr photo you submitted is private, so just let me know which one you're entering.