venerdì 12 ottobre 2007

The girl who casted spells

There are so many great artists on favorites list is getting longer and longer. I spend hours searching for all and nothing and really often I find something that I instantly adore. I'm like a child in a toy store!
In this period I have a (big) thing with illustrators, photographers and mixed media artists; I bought some beautiful prints and I also did great trades with some lovely etsian. I am more than proud I have met them and so happy to have their beautiful artworks in my house!

I cannot remember how I have found or when I have visited for the first time the Art&Ghosts store, but what I know for sure is that I immediately fell in love with Louise's work and with her magic world.
Her prints, photomontages and collages are an adventure, a trip in the unconscious, a mix of sweet dreams and nightmares, obsessions and expectations...
The influence of fairy tales and children literature, strange dolls, symbolic animals and nature makes Louise's art special and fascinating. I love all those amazing details.
Don't miss her wonderful blog too!
I'll post 3 of her images here, but they're all so amazing I could post at least 50...

No Vacancies

The Uses of Enchantment. What a marvellous title!

The Bridge of Sleep

Thank you Louise, I am amazed by your talent and definitely taken by your world ;-)

3 commenti:

artandghosts ha detto...

thankyou so much for such a wonderful write up!
rarely does anyone describe it so well:)

all the best,
Lou x

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Lou, you're welcome :-)
Your work is wonderful, so...
xoxo ha detto...

wow you find the most wonderful and amazing creations on etsy!