domenica 14 ottobre 2007

I heart trades!

I'm always up for good art trades, so when last month I sent a message to Askey and to Lilymoon and they answered telling me that yes, we could do it, I was more than thrilled and now that I received their prints I'm simply delighted; "Rose" and "When I Wear My Red Skirt" really made my day.

Askey is a UK based illustrator and graphic designer; her original digital illustrations, all printed in a limited edition, are exquisite pieces of art. I love the pale colors and the beautiful patterns she uses in her works. Plus, they are printed on a luxurious linen effect paper. Stunning!



Lilymoon is from Cyprus, she's an illustrator and her prints are pieces of stories, shots from a dream. She doesn't need words, cause she has her dreamy girls. They were born in the air, maybe they're made of air. Sometimes they float in the sky, sometimes they lay asleep beside a special apple tree...

When I Wear My Red Skirt. ("...I write my favourite things on trees...and eavesdrop on birdy conversations, while I dream about them...")

Great Expectations.

Thank you to these great girls for two wonderful trades :-)

3 commenti:

The Happy Hippie ha detto...

Lovely art! I especially like "Great Expectations."

lalaliu ha detto...

those are some great pieces! but what i really want to say is..

holy cow!! your bakery jewelry is COOL! they look so freakin real that it makes me want to eat your rings!! you're super talented :)

AlicePleasance ha detto...

Hi Lalaliu and thanks a lot for the comment! I'm really glad you like my jewelry. Check back often this blog for a preview on things to come :-)