lunedì 26 aprile 2010

Nadinoo At Work

This Is Naive is a blog I'm following from a while now. Tommy is a talented photographer and I like how shes' always able to focus on those little details, so small yet so nice and interesting. Also, I have a real thing for her Lo-Fi travel guides!

One of the latest Tommy's features is about "people at work", a series of regular posts where she visually describe the art and everyday life of talented people.

So, when I heard she was about to feature the work of Nadia Izruna, the girl behind Nadinoo I couldn't be happier and the post didn't disappoint me indeed!

Some of the amazing pieces from Nadinoo's Spring/Summer collection


And there's even a little preview of what will come next season. I really hope she will actually make that cape!!

And what about the perfection of every single piece here?!

Nadia recently moved to London and her canal-side apartment looks like a really nice place...

For more pictures take a look here.

4 commenti:

Lorelai● ha detto...

wow!nadinoo is amazing !!!
loved all of her pieces!!!!
i will defenetly put her on my blog!!!
want all the dresses!

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Non conoscevo questo blog: ci ho dato un occhio, e le foto sono stupende!
Quanto mi piace Nadinoo! E quanto mi piacciono le foto dell'appartamento!

Poke Salad Annie ha detto...

great post! those lo-fi guides really are amazing!

sioux ha detto...

solo tre commenti per questo fantastico post???? non capisco ... questa notizia che mi hai dato è fantastica, questa ragazza con il suo blog è strepitosa, veramente sublime, grazie mille che hai condiviso con noi questa news...cup cake ti adoro, tu hai stile!!!!