martedì 15 giugno 2010


The trailer for the new, upcoming Sophia Coppola movie is here.

I can't wait for the movie and meanwhile I wouldn't say no to a trip destination L.A., staying at Chateau Marmont... Oh, dreams!

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Every Little Counts ha detto...

gah! i can't wait!

....ah, and thanks for the comment. i've just been a little overwhelmed and crabby lately, but everything is ok. my husband was like- yea, people are going to ask questions with that quote from the ice storm- but it is such a beautiful quote, isn't it?


Indie.Tea ha detto...

...Funny, I just saw the trailer earlier today. I've been wondering for quite a while now, about Sofia Coppola's next project.

Teresa ha detto...

Wow! Elle grew up so fast! The Fanning sisters are growing up to be such lovely ladies! And how come it's no surprise that music is by Phoenix? Hehehe! Thanks for sharing. :)

PinkBow ha detto...

thank you so much for sharing this! i can't tell you how excited i am for this & didn't even know there was sc movie in the pipeline!