venerdì 27 febbraio 2009

Sew, Make, Embellish, Create!

I've never been a great seamstress and I sadly admit I'll probably never be even a decent one, but lately I started to find my own adapted sewing techniques and I made a couple of wearable skirts at least...

So I constantly look at Burda Style for ideas and inspirations. I still didn't understand how patterns work (!) but I look at the pictures dreaming one day I'll be able to sew something similar!!!

These are some of my favorite skirts projects, they're problably not meant for dummies, but if your sewing skills are better than mine I suppose you can easily make one of these beauties

From top: the Judy skirt , the Sidonie variation #2 and the the Sidonie variation #1.

The How To section is another of my favorites on the website ; it is packed with interesting projects, like the one for the Ruffled Party Necklace

and this other one , that shows the really intriguing free hand embroidery with fibers...imagine what you can do on a plain little dress using this amazing technique!

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L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

La gonna della prima foto è incredibile! Io non so cucire: solo le cose basi, ma realizzare un vestito no, che vergogna! Imparerei volontieri perché le idee non mi mancano! Bello il sito che hai messo in link, mi convince che non sapere cucire è proprio un handicap!

Trains and Sewing Machines ha detto...

I love that orange skirt, it's fantastic

Fia ha detto...

Those pleats are amazing!

Anonimo ha detto...

wow you have a really nice blog! thanks for visiting mine.
btw, i like the first photo the best. i love the hair.

Wanderlusting ha detto...

I too wish I could sew. I've only made one thing and it was great and I have never been able to sew anything else (I attached parts of a skirt to a top and created sleeves ;)

That yellow skirt is to die for.

Tessa ha detto...

I Loooove these skirts and wish my sewing skills were better so I could try to make some of them!

Hope you're having a good weekend. :)