venerdì 17 luglio 2009

Summer Days, Fall Look Books

With 30+ Celsius degrees indoor, I strongly refuse to look at fall look books and collections if wool, heavy coats and/or tights are involved.
But if it's all about feminine dresses, messy prints and just a good amount of sequins, than it's ok for me, so I suppose it will be safe to post some pictures of Brian Reyes new collection here.

They say that:

"the Fall 09 collection emits the strength and natural beauty of stone, marble and bronze. Feminine silhouettes and clean lines draped in custom prints show dimension and texture to every silhouette. Asymmetrical ruffle skirts provide movement on the body while slim silhouettes provide shape and inspire glamor - a "snakeskin" lace that hugs the form. Marble prints mimic a miniature mosaic creating a spectrum of art and beauty that draws the eye. The overall look is polished; save for the back detail cutouts that provide a flirtatious feel."

The Spring/Summer 2010 collection will be presented on September 15th at 11am in the Tent complex at Bryant Park during New York fashion week. Meanwhile Brian Reyes is gearing an online sale in conjunction with the Gilt Group. It will be like an end of season/ sample sale like the ones that traditionally are only available to people living in the New York area, with the best of Reyes past collections. The sale is scheduled for July 20th (Monday) and will last only 36 hours. The shoot for the sale was styled by American Vogue's Contributing Editor Lauren Santo Domingo.
The site is by invitation only, so if you're interested you may set an account here .

6 commenti:

Ariella ha detto...

It is so cold and rainy here now that I don't think I'd actually be put off looking at tights and coats... but 30 degrees inside sounds dreamy. Lucky you!

The silhouettes from the A/W 09 collections are fabulous.

Colleen ha detto...

I actually HAVE to have the black sequined dress. I am going to dream about it.

PinkBow ha detto...

some gorgeous dresses there. it is raining here in the uk too :(

thischicksgotstyle ha detto...

It looks so pretty!!

WendyB ha detto...

The second dress is my fave!

Amelia ha detto...

These are very feminine. I love the fabrics and prints. I'm looking forward to the next fashion week :)