sabato 2 gennaio 2010

Paper Birds

So, a new year is here. Even better, a new decade which I seriously hope will bring some happiness.

Hope you'll reach your goals and have a lot of fun during these twelve coming months!

I decided to start the year showing you a little nice video by David Falossi. Titled Paper Birds, it is about the inspiration that can be found in ordinary circumstances. Definitely a positive vision which I'm pretty happy to adopt!

The video is one of the awards contenders in “A Day through your Lens”, a competition promoted by Nikon where you have to capture the essence of your day in 140 seconds or less. You can vote for Paper Birds and give it a chance to win the Audience Award, just clicking on the five stars you'll find here.

Hope this whimsical lady and her yellow tights will show us the right path to follow this year :-)

8 commenti:

Karen @ Bobbins And Bombshells ha detto...

Hello! love your blog! please accept the award I have given you! xo

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Questo video è molto poetico e mi ha fatto venire voglia di collant gialli. Ho passato il mio 2009 a comprare collant e mi sa che continuerò questo anno :)

Buon 2010 mia cara Anna!

Dotti ha detto...

Lovely. Just lovely.

Tessa ha detto...

Anna!!! It's been so long; I miss exchanging emails with you. Hope you are doing well and best wishes for a wonderful new year. Keep in touch. :)

Jessica Cangiano ha detto...

Ciao honey, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for your wonderfully kind comments throughout 2009, they mean a tremendous amount to me.

I really hope that your year is off to a sparklingly fantastic start, and that each of the days that follows will continually be even more amazing for you than the last!

Big hugs & endless joyful wishes for 2010,
♥ Jessica

Ariella ha detto...

That is such a good idea and such a beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing, dear :)

Natalie ha detto...

i love it, and the yellow tights are so cute :)

kate maggie ha detto...

love this.