giovedì 20 marzo 2008

Blue Nails

Yesterday I went buying some food at the supermarket. Unfortunately the beauty store near it is making a sale and when I saw even the new Chanel make up collection was on sale I knew I have to satisfy one wish.

I love nail polish and all the deep, dark colors are a must for my feet (I'm not that great with manicure, so I usually don't wear nail polish on hands). I wore black for the last two years, alternating it with dark black cherry red. When I was in high school I liked a lot blue nail polish, but actually I've never found the perfect shade, cause they're often too light and with a far than good coverage on nails. But this season, with blue nail polish as the new black, I knew I could have new chances. And now I know this was true :-)

I don't usually spend more than 10 Euros on a nail polish, but this time Chanel won me over and when I tried their Blue Satin, I fell for it. It's one of the colors, in limited edition, for this Spring and it's the perfect blue: deep, rich, really dark, close to black. Chic, in one word.

I can't wait to try it, this evening I'll save some time for a luxurious pedicure experience!

After Chanel, I think the best choice for a nail polish is OPI. They always have gorgeous shades (and I ADORE the names they choose. I could buy a color only beacause of its name!!!) but sadly I can't find their products here. I spend hours online searching for their million + colors...I would buy everything, even yellow and green!
They have a whole selection of blue shades of course; the Russian Navy is wonderful and probably the new Yoga-ta Get This Blue, from the India Collection is great too.

Russian Navy

Yoga-ta Get This Blue

Opi Ink

Light My Sapphire

Blue My Mind, if you need something bright!

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The Clothes Horse ha detto...

I mixed my own navy a couple of months ago, it worked out really nicely--I have been nervous of blue nails. Now I want to try some acqua...

La gamine ha detto...

Le bleu est trop "hype" en ce moment! :P
Merci pour ton commentaire sur mon blog!
Dis, tu habites en Italie? Dans quelle ville?
Moi ma mère est italienne aussi alors on a de la famille Rome, j'y vais souvent!
Tu parles aussi italien je suppose! :)

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ the clothes horse: acqua should works great with your hair color!

@ la gamine: oui, je suis italienne (mon francais est terrible, pardonnez moi!). J'habite au centre de l'Italie (Marche region), dans une petite ville sur la mer. Ton blog est adorable :-)

Skye... ha detto...

thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I usually don't wear such dark colors, but I think I could get warm with a dark navy blue. Have to try it when I go shopping next time!

Stylist Stuff ha detto...

It's true I can't resist OPI and it's not just the colour it is the name! I just bought "Curry up don't be late" and "Midnight in Moscow"

Sheryl Wong ha detto...

Russian navy and Yoga-ta looks great! I have never tried blue shades before though, I always wear nude or pinkish colors....maybe I will be more adventurous when it comes to nail polish...maybe... :D