martedì 25 marzo 2008

Time To Paint

According to catwalks, this Spring art is in the air.
The trend is noticeable everywhere, from dresses to accessories. Action Painting, Abstract and Pop Art and Graffiti are the strongest influences

Clockwise from top left:
Graham & Spencer Drawstring Waist Dress
Moschino Cheap & Chic Graffiti Dress
Jimmy Choo Pilar Box Clutch
Pringle Of Scotland Abstract Print Top
Sergio Rossi Patent Leather Pumps with Paint Drips
Chloé Van Gogh Print Dress
Pringle 1815 Abstract Print Mini Skirt
Diane Von Furstenberg Mondrian Dress

If you're so lucky you can afford the items above or even Dolce & Gabbana's artistic handpainted dresses you can literally become quickly a work of art yourself.

But also if you're on a budget you can still look at this trend searching for nice items on that goldmine Ebay is. All you need is artistic sense and creativity...

1. Vintage 60s Mondrian Dress
2. Vintage 80s Mondrian Color Block Mini Dress
3. Vintage Mod Color Block Dress
4-5. Lichen Shoes and Off The Air Shoes from NDEUR. Love his handpainted creations, a real work of art.
Polaroid: Vintage 60s Mod Pollock Shift Dress

...And if you feel brave enough you can paint and wear your own artwork... After the recent tye&dye trend revival and all the good attempts I saw here and there online, I'm sure many of us can do great things. C'mon, don't be shy girls!

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Rose ha detto...

Thanks for the comment=) And yup spring is all about colors isn't it. Anything fun and flamboyantly designed. Can't wait~

Cedar ha detto...

Gorgeous pieces. After seeing this post I feel like painting!!

selinaoolala ha detto...

i love that block colour dress from ebay italy!! plity the primary colours don't suit me so much :s

Claire ha detto...

Oooh - I adore that Graham & Spencer dress.

Jello on Springs ha detto...

I've been looking for a block color dress for a while now. I spotted the perfect red and white one at goodwill the other day but it was far too big, a size 14 i think. I was so disappointed but yes i do think this spring definitely calls for something more artistic.

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ rose: yay, I heart colors!

@ selinaoolala: the link are from Ebay Italy, but all the items are fro Us, so you can search by seller on ;-)

@ claire: me too!

@ jello on springs: I'm too really addicted to color block dresses recently. I saw one I adore, from H&M :-)

Jen ha detto...

Those patterned pink shoes are lovely. I love how you've presentd the dress pictures; inspirational.

suzy. ha detto...

i am totally going to set aside projects to paint myself. i love the idea of splattering something in the bathtub and then wearing it out. so much fun!!!

Fashion Ivy ha detto...

I absolutely love those dresses