martedì 2 dicembre 2008

Christmas Gift Guides #1

December! It's time for gift guides! Let's start with a selection of my favorite things, all from Etsy and almost all up to 40$...Enjoy!

1. Vintage Kelly Green Sequin and Beads Heels
2. Vintage Flower Pin
3. 60's Black Cocktail Handbag
4. The Annapolitan High Waist Bow Skirt
5. See Beth Blush Corsage
6. Vintage Bubblegum Pink Clutch
7. Bluebird Fascinator
8. Vintage Turquoise Heels With Flower Detail
9. Fire Pop Skirt
10. Vintage 50s Hat Case Handbag
11. Cherry Blossoms Polaroid Necklace
12. Leafy Glitter Laurel Crown
13. Vintage Pin Up Style Heels
14. 24K Gold Dipped Pine Cone Necklace
15. Perfectly Pink Popcorn Scarf
16. Chiffon Leggings OOAK

9 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

love love the scarf and the bag!

Kelsie.Lynn ha detto...

love the vintage turquoise shoes

Consuelo LaBamba ha detto...

I am SO excited! I just found the perfect pink vintage purse after clicking on the black train case... I collect vintage bags and have had my eye out for a pink one forever... thank you!!!

the healthy ghost ha detto...

Thanks for the advices

Rachel C. ha detto...

ooh! i hope you keep posting these. i like your suggestions.

i only wish those yellow heels were in my size.

lizbeth ha detto...

I love the Annapolitan skirt and Polaroid necklace!! Added them to my list :)

ashleigh ha detto...

hellooo orange skirt :)

Anonimo ha detto...

Non c'è niente su questa lista che non mi piace! you've got taste girl!

Mirthe ha detto...

Love it!