lunedì 8 dicembre 2008

DIY Wool Bangles

Time for another DIY project!
I love bangles, I think they're perfect during the summer but you can easily make a winter version too.
This is what you'll need:

If you're a good knitter you can surely make wonderful bangles, otherwise fear not! Even if you can't knit (like me...) you can make a nice wool bangle! If you can crochet (hence the hook in the photo above) you'll have no problems at all, but if you're neither a knitter nor a crocheter, you can use a piece of pre-made knitted fabric (old sweaters too!)...the possibilities are pretty endless!

Take an old/cheap plastic bangle and measure it all around. Remember: the larger the better. You'll cover it with wool all around and the finished bangle will be smaller.
Make a paper pattern of the bangle, doubling the height. This point is not a must, but it will be useful when you'll have to knit/crochet/cut your piece

Knitted fabrics can be pretty stretchy, so make your piece a bit smaller than the paper pattern. Check it on the bangle: it has to be tight but not too much!

Using the needle and the same wool (or a similar yarn) of the knitting piece, start sewing it on the inside, all around

Then sew the edges together...

...and you're done :-)

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the healthy ghost ha detto...

Thanks for the advice.

deep_in_vogue ha detto...

thanks for sharing :o)

Rachel C. ha detto...

oh, gosh! this is so cute. i do not have the patience for neither knitting nor crocheting anything, but i do have some old sweaters that should be put to use rather than sitting in the bottom drawer of my dresser getting no attention!

fash ha detto...

NICE, i never would have thought! christmas presents, ooh....thank you!

Milly ha detto...

i bought a set from Old Navy on sale....but if i were crafty i would so do this..real nice!

intan bercerita ha detto...

wow, a great creativity for you ;D
my mom can do crochet and knitting, you can go to my blog to see my bolero which my mom made it by crochet,
it's good for you for shared that bangles, i hope my mom would make it for me :D

Retro Elephant ha detto...

That one was really nice! I like your blog!

Katie ha detto...