mercoledì 24 dicembre 2008

Santa's Little Helper

Every year when Christmas Eve arrives I search for a smart and original idea for wrapping gifts for the loved ones. Could be a teeny tiny present but a good appearance will surely make the difference and will show how much you care about that person...

Last year (or a couple years ago...? I can't remember, sorry!) Elle Decor Italy published a great editorial in wich they asked their interns to share some ideas for Christmas packets. The results are, in my opinion, amazing; I jealously kept the pages and used the images below as inspiration several times. I really hope you will find them useful too!

So hurry, hurry: scissors, glue, ribbons's almost time.
Have a great evening :-)

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9 commenti:

LJ ha detto...

I like the wrapping in the last pic, creative!
happy holidays
xx-LJ from SOS!

selinaoolala ha detto...

gosh you should see my wrapping attempts- they're terrible! lol merry christmas darling!

Anonimo ha detto...

love the editorial! merry christmas eve!

La C.

Marie ha detto...

Aww, they're so cute. I had to make a really creative wrapping for a competition this year. It was an ipod wrapped as a bug snake with lots of glitter on. It was (in my opinion) really ugly, but it won!

erin meagan ha detto...

this is so creative, it's simply lovely!

Thu ha detto...

they look really nice! but we've already ripped through our presents :]

discothequechic ha detto...

ah, amazing!
i personally find the wrapping possibilty the best part of present giving!

hope you've had a great xmas.

just_alex ha detto...

I love your blog really inspiring specially for me because i love making jewellery.

Melody ha detto...

Oh my god!!! Such wonderful wrapps!!!
I'm loving your i'm such a cup cake lover as well eheheh