martedì 26 maggio 2009

A Different Time, a Different Place.

Malekeh Nayini is an artist born in Teheran, in 1955. She left Iran in 1979, during the islamic revolution, to study art in US and she's now living in Paris, far from her land. A place which is slowly fading away.

In 1995 she was back to Teheran for some sad family matters. During this painful journey she found a box full of old photos of her and her family. She decided to keep them planning to use those pictures one day, in some way.

Two years later a project called Updating a family album (1997/2000) started from those images and became a way to cope with a past that was still so present.

"I have used computer technology as a kind of time machine to update my family album, to lend it more color and life, to renovate and revive it.

By the use of anachronisms such as collaging modern stamps on the clothes of some of my ancestors, and by inventing backgrounds that are obviously out of context with them, my aim was to see them in a new light and to transplant them into a different time, a different place."

5 commenti:

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Che meraviglia! Mi piacciono queste foto "ricolorate" (chissà se si dice così), sono affascinanti.

Poke Salad Annie ha detto...

Wonderful. I love what you've done with these photos. The colours are incredible, and the stamps: so creative!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia ha detto...

Such a beautiful post... and a very interesting read!


Ariella ha detto...

Those pictures are so wonderful - and really intriguing. Thanks for sharing!

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ Poke Salad Annie: unfortunately these are not my job...! The photos are part of a project by Malekeh Nayini, an irannian artist :-)