mercoledì 27 maggio 2009

Roaring Twenties

I don't know exactly why I'm so exicted about the upcoming Jazz Age Lawn Party @ Governors Island, New York, considering once again I will not attend, but...well I'm excited! So be prepared cause I plan to post about Gatsby Age quite often during these days ;-)

By the way, I know from emails and comments that some - lucky! - of you will actually go to the Lawn Party on June 6th/7th and I thought it would be nice to share some ideas for a 20s style outfits.

"The new signatures - straight lines, bobbed hair, flat breasts, boyish bodies - became the template for a decade of decadence. Fashion was no longer the sum of parts, but a Rubik cube with endless permutations" (from this book )

Photos above is from starduste's phostream .

From now on flapper dropwaisted dresses, feathered fans (for flirting...), long strands of pearls, pear shaped stones, cigarette holders, draped scarves and those glorious cloche hats should become your keywords...

Original vintage dresses from 20s are not easy to find and require a considerable budget. You can be lucky and found a bargain (take a look at Ebay auctions, you could be lucky...), but usually the prices for this kind of vintage are sky high. Actually an original, still perfect, heavily beaded dress CAN'T be cheap...

Those (me included, of course!) with a lower budget can opt for a non-vintage one. I would not buy a 50s repro dress, but this is probably because original 50s dresses are still easy to find at affordable prices, so there's no reason to buy a "fake one". With 20s is a completely different story. Of course a reproduction will never be the same as an authentic piece, but this doesn't means all repro dresses are necessarily crappy! Take a look at LeLuxe Clothing for amazing faithful reproductions of 20s designs: they even sell to movie productions...

In the end, if you're thinking of buying a 20s vintage-like dress, my advice is to always look at the fabric first thing and add at least some original vintage detail to the whole outfit, like a piece of jewelry or a hat.

Just looking at Etsy and Ebay, I've compiled a little list of vintage - something from 20s and something originally from other dacades but with that "jazz age vibe" - and non-vintage things you may like...

An amazing flapper cloche with feathers and beads. here .

A wonderful cloche hat. Here .

Vintage t-straps heels with gold trims. here .

Ferragamo shoes. From 80s, but still so good for a 20s party! Find them here .

A Laurel gold engraved pin, here .

From the always amazing Timeless Vixen, two gorgeous vintage 20s dresses. Here and here .

The dress below should actually come from the 80s, but I think the shape is quite nice... Find it here .

Last but not least you should look at this Ebay seller. The dresses and accessories here are non vintage, but judging by pictures (see below) and feedback they're not bad at all. There are not "buy it now" prices, but I saw the auctions often ends at reasonable prices.

And this turban hat is great!

I will regularly check Ebay and Etsy and various other websites in these days so if you need some more hints, feel free to write me :-)

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PinkBow ha detto...

i really love this era too, i especially like the turban (if only from my love of joan collins in her dynasty days)

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Proprio per la ragione che citi, non ho niente degli anni 20' e invece che stile appassionante! Poi i turbanti e cappelli "cloche", che bello!

Jessica Turnbow ha detto...

This era was so fashion forward and I'm glad it hasnt died completely! That 2nd hat is my fav, i love the face it's on, I want one for my room! :)

WendyB ha detto...

Nice finds -- especially the turban and vintage shoes!


My favorite era!

xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Vintage Clothing