domenica 3 maggio 2009

May Is The Way

Finally it's May, my favorite month. Hoping in a month of warm temperatures (yesterday was 22/24 °C here) and sun, happy mood and fun. I also hope to be able to post more often from today on :-)

Yesterday I went for a little tour at the local market and I unexpectly found a lot of nice things. I ended buying a pair of nice tops and now, looking at my closets, I must say I don't really need anything else. Except a pair of pants, but that's another story...!

I also bought a new wonderful vintage 50s dress last week trought Etsy; I'm still waiting for it but I already virtually added it to the wardrobe and I can't wait to receive it. It's killing me that I can't post "homemade" pictures of my outfits, buys, I wrote before my pc is dead at 50% and don't recognize any hardware connected to it (today I discovered I can't even update my Ipod!!). By the way you can see the dress in the pic below, which come directly from the Etsy listing. My hair looks quite the same at the moment, so it can give you an idea too!

And just in case I'm gonna hit the jackpot this week, this is what's currently in my shopping wish list

A pair of bright colored relaxed or peg leg pants like these .
A striped t-shirt, black and white with thick stripes.
A grey pencil skirt, here .
These earrings.
This top or similar juicy frilly blouses.
A straw hat, really ladylike, classic or in an unusual shade.
A black oversized "rock" bag to pair with my sweet outfits. This one my favorite.

...All those and these fab 40s inspired shoes ,

these two gorgeous vintage dresses ( here and here , click the pics to see the amazing embroidery) which are slightly beyond my budget...but maybe they're ok for yours, so please: go and buy them!!!

Last but not least, I really want a 50s/60s black handbag . They're so chic and they make me immediately think at Vertigo and almost all the Hitchcock movies...

11 commenti:

Vali ha detto...

Your new dress is just LOVELY!it's sooo you!
and,the other two dresses, jut amazing...but a little bit overpriced.
I hope you'll solve your laptop problems soon,so You can post new pics of you with your new treasures!

Anonimo ha detto...

omg that red dress is amazing

PinkBow ha detto...

i love your new dress ... & with that handbag - very hitchcock-esque!

gennie ha detto...

what a cute dress!! the umbrella you described in your comment sounds really adorable! what a great christmas gift to receive :) xo

Isabelle ha detto...

what a wonderful dresses, they are amazing I like them a lot!!

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

That first dress is adorable and I love the vintage inspired heels. I wish there were more reasons in this world to wear 50s party dresses!

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Bellimo questo vestito! Una meraviglia! Invece non hai ancora trovato i tuoi pantaloni?

Dudù ha detto...

Si, il vestito è meraviglioso

[Tara] ha detto...

Oh, the red dress is divine!

Iole ha detto...

gli orecchini a forma di pescetto sono troppo graziosi!!!!

Hope E ha detto...

I am sooooo jealous of that red dress!!!!